family traditions

I have spent a bit of time thinking about this prompt, and I have struggled to think of any family traditions.
However, there is something I would love to pass on to my girls –
Below is my mum on her wedding day, and me on mine. We wore the same veil, it was handmade by my great aunty. I would love it if I could pass it on to my girls, I think it would make a lovely tradition 🙂

Another wedding tradition we have is all McBride weddings have ave maria played as the newlyweds exit the church/hotel they married in. Granted I am not a McBride woman, but the tradition passed down to me.
Finally, as Jehovah’s witnesses we don’t celebrate birthdays or Christmas. So when our wedding anniversary comes around, we have a special present day for the kids. Which is a wonderful thing for the kids. So I like to think of this a somewhat tradition in the sense of I am passing it on to my kids.
What about all of you? 🙂 
Have a funtastic Friday


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