little known charlotte facts

Good day everyone!!
Day 16 already yikes, I really don’t want this month to end 🙂
So today we are sharing things that a lot of people don’t know..
Here goes….

I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan
In school I used to love running cross country…now you wouldn’t catch me running… Unless a dog was chasing me 🙂
I can dislocate my shoulders
I can link sausages 🙂
I have a memory for useless trivia
I own a guitar but can’t play it
I once dyed my hair blue
My favourite number is 7, no idea why!
My favourite word is squiggle
I used to be known as Charlie – now I can’t stand it 🙂
I have never broken a bone…not even a toe 🙂
I have a big teddy bear collection
I used to know all the dance routines to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s cats

There you go little known Charlotte facts

Have a terrific Tuesday


4 thoughts on “little known charlotte facts

  1. Haha it really is, although I get looked at funny when I just come out with a random fact lol! I also get strange looks when I say I never broke a bone…like its a weird thing or something.. Although I am truly very clumsy!!


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