California dreamer

Well good day!
So glad that vlog day is over…sorry bailey Jean!
Now back to writing which I admit is a lot less terrifying πŸ™‚
People don’t have to hear my waffling on about nothing..

Alrighty you have heard tell of my love for California.
In may 2012 before ariana was born we took bella there.

Its very odd for me to think that Bella used to be that small!
For the first few days we stayed in Santa Monica, and visited Hollywood…as you do!

It turned out our first few days there was memorial day weekend!! Hence it was stupidly busy!
We spent the whole of Monday driving down the PCH..which hubby loved!
My favourite bit was..wait for it…Disneyland!!
I love it, I couldn’t not go there πŸ™‚ I feel like such a big kid πŸ™‚Β 
There was also a new princess there..Merida
Matching hair lol!

Hubby doesnt like that we spend most of our time there in queues!
Visiting Disney started an unending love of tangled for bella, when we got home we watched it about 30 times in 2 weeks!
We spent a lot of time on the beach..which is kind of a given really. I am not a sun person..I tend to come out looking like a lobster! Ouch!
If we could we would go back tomorrow!

We also visited long beach, attended a Jehovah’s witness convention and went to the gas lamp district in San Diego.
We packed an awful lot in 3 weeks, and had an awesome time.
We can’t wait to go back with our other kiddies.
Have an enjoyable throwback Thursday


3 thoughts on “California dreamer

  1. Yay for the Gaslamp district! And visiting LA! On special anniversaries, we love to stay at a fancy pants hotel downtown in Gaslamp and have dinner. One of my favorites is Cafe Chole. The best French food and wine ever!!!


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