blogs that need to be seen

chantelle – the writer of fat mum slim. I discovered this blog via the photo a day challenge last year, and instantly fell in love! The way she writes is how I think. Which I think is why felt an instant bloggy connection 🙂

devon – the writer of the tale of a mermaid. This is a lovely blog about surfing and travel. It also has awesome photos 🙂

tahnie – this is a blog I discovered whilst doing the blogember challenge in November of last year. She is a wonderful and inspirational lady. I urge you to read her story.

I unfortunately don’t read enough blogs on a daily basis, so I have 5 recent discoveries that I am in love with! I will be reading them from now on for sure 🙂

susie – mum of 7..yea 7 children 🙂 kinda speaks for itself really doesn’t it! – unfortunately I don’t know this lady’s name. But I can across her story just recently…and seriously just read it. There is no words to describe it.

helen – a recent discovery thanks to the blogtember challenge. Love this lady and the way that she writes.

Britney lee – what can I say about this lovely lady?! Sassy, crafty, funny and just all round awesome 🙂

bailey jean – another recent discovery thanks to the wonders of Google. I tell you what I will be an avid visitor to this lady’s blog 🙂

Short and sweet today lovelies

Have a mad cap Monday 🙂


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