bring me a bucket…I have a list πŸ˜Š

So I have officially moved my blog today!

Scary times, seeing as i have literally just figured out how to use blogger…ah well onwards and upwards! Hopefully I should figure out how to use WordPress within the next year.

On with today’s prompt…autumn bucket list.3bda3dcbb7da2ff8a29ff10d0214ccdf

Now I must confess, I first heard about bucket lists when I watched the movie with the same name staring Morgan freeman… Wow awkward!

Anyway…moving on.

1. I would like to start baking more – biscuits, pies, cakes etc..

2. I plan on buying a lot more jumpers and scarves 😊

3. I have been thinking today about bringing back rarely used English words like golly, gosh and plethora.

4. I want to start crocheting again…I have a square of scarf I started last year that didn’t get finished.

5. To decorate my kitchen.

6. Try a new hairstyle…

7. I would like to get back to my pre pregnancy health routine

8. I want to start taking more family walks, and get some autumn photos 😊

This may not be a terribly exciting bucket list. But they are all some things I would like to do 😊

Have a wonderous Wednesday!



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