little high, little low

Ah September… I hardly knew ye!

You have only just begun…and now we are on the 28th already!


So let’s see –

September highs –

Discovering a new blogtember challenge

My baby girl started school

Hubby brought me sunflowers… Made me smile

James smiled for the first time!

We grew our first radishes ☺

The start of autumn..hello woolly jumpers!


September lows –

After several years of friendship, a friend of mine has cut me out of their life. This hurt me deeply.

My baby girl started school – this is both a high and a low for emotional reasons.

My depression hit a pretty big low – now I have to see a specialist

The hoover exploded!

James had his vaccinations 😢

So there you have it my month of September highs and lows…let me leave you with some advice that I need to heed…images (2)

What about you guys?

Have a sunny Sunday





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