blogging ideas

Wowee my second post for today…check me out!

I consider myself almost like a ‘toddler’ blogger. In the sense of I have been doing this for a year and I think I am still finding my niche… I kinda know what I write about…I think..hmm!

I think I am still discovering the ways and means of blogging.

However,  here are some tips for those just starting out in the old blogging field.


1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself –

I think it is very important that when you write, you do so from the heart. You should also weave your personality into your posts. Giving people a chance to see who the person is that is writing the blog.

2. Blog design –

You want to start out with a nice simple template for your blog. When I first started on blogger there were themes that I wanted to use but I bided my time for a while so to speak. I wanted to have people focus on my words and not blind them too much glitter ☺

Things that need to work on –

1. My blog vision –

I would like to start organising my blog a bit more. I sometimes feel like I twist myself in a few too many directions and I would like to focus on a few certain areas. I think my main issue is that my brain just goes ooh let’s write about this today or I just can’t think of anything. So I need to sit down and properly rack my brains and write some lists.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I have just recently made the move from blogger to WordPress, so I am getting used to a new set up and themes etc. So that is one of my blogging wishes down 💜

I also try to make it a point to write from my heart. I have always said I am a heart on my sleeve kinda lady, which I think helps me to fit a certain writing mold…I could be wrong.

I look forward to seeing what your tips are!



4 thoughts on “blogging ideas

    • I felt a bit weird writing that I was a ‘toddler’ blogger but I am so glad someone knows what I meant 🙂 But that quote Never apologize for being you – really spoke to me because I have always apologized to people for being who I am until just recently..they are quite powerful words actually. I thought it was going to be complicated too and I am pretty lousy with technological stuff..but its actually not so bad! P.s love your blog!


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