this not goodbye, but hello

Good day all!

I will be honest, I was hoping that if I didn’t write my post that maybe blogtember wouldn’t end! I have had so much fun!

Right now I am taking 5 mins out from being mum and leaning on my kitchen counter while I do this. Don’t for a second imagine a graceful Brigitte Bardot posepose..think more exhausted lady trying hard to hold herself up due to lack of sleep! Perhaps some matchsticks holding my eyes open..

This blogtember challenge has reignited my passion for writing, so expect to see more from me in the future! I am currently working on some future plans for my blog.

I would like to thank bailey Jean – first and foremost. She created a wonderful month of thought provoking prompts that got the old grey matter working, and dusted off the memory cobwebs. Even though I may have been nervous about a certain topic, I sucked it up and did it..30 days baby!

Secondly, I am so thankful and overwhelmed by the amount of lovely people I met during this month, and can’t wait to keep in touch with.

Britney Lee –

What can I say about this lady…one of the first things she said to me was ‘I love you!’ And I was like aww that is awesome. We are like the same person..the way we think ☺ she is wonderful, lovely, funny and crazy weird (in a good way obviously)

Helen –

So, so glad I can across her blog! I will be an avid reader. She is a strong, kind hearted and inspirational lady. I love the way she writes…from the heart.

Bess –

Bess, bess, bess what can I say. You are wonderful! I feel close to you even though there is an ocean between us. I love how you think and how you write. I think you are so awesome!

Lizelle –

Another lady who I find inspirational. A beautiful, loving, kind lady. Her writing makes me think. I love how she words things.

Not forgetting, liane ( heather ( Amber (

I for one can’t wait until the next challenge that bailey Jean creates, I will be reasfing her blog everyday. I just hope there isn’t a vlog challenge next time!

Let me leave you with something that made my heart soar today


So for now its so long, but not goodbye.

Have a mischievous Monday ☺



10 thoughts on “this not goodbye, but hello

  1. I feel so honoured to me mentioned, thank you! hat baby pick makes my ovaries wiggle about in glee ❤ I loved meeting you too and your vlog is among my favourite of Blogtember though! 😀


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