some days I feel like supermum

Good day all!


What a busy day it has been…oh my goodness.

There is something to be said about having more than one pair of hands that is for sure.

Getting my daughter to school in the morning takes military precision… Unfortunately hubby is already at work, which means 3 journeys to the car..back and forward!

Then when I get to the school I have put one in the pushchair, one in the baby sling and hold the others hand while we cross the road…you know when I say it out loud it sounds really hard!

I get home feed james and put Ariana for a nap.

Do my chores. Make lunch and then feed James again.

Then do the dishes for the 80th time!

By which time its back to the military routine of the school run…don’t ask me how I manage to get bella to school half an hour early…because quite frankly I have no idea.

I have barely put bella in the car before she says “mummy can I have a snack…mummy can I watch cartoons” some days I fancy changing my name lol!

Get home…feed James… Make the dishes…get the kids ready for bed…put them in bed…by which point I get my 1 hour of mummy time to blog ☺

Then its off to Bedfordshire!

I find it amusing that so many people think stay at home mums do nothing! Ha if I did nothing, nobody would eat..the house would be a pig sty… No laundry would get!! I would love to have a face to face convo with someone that thinks this…because boy can I be feisty when I want to ☺must be the Irish in me!

Mums have the hardest job for sure!

What do you think?

Have a good day.temp-1


4 thoughts on “some days I feel like supermum

  1. I absolutely think mamas have the hardest job in the world! Because we have to fill so many rolls for our little people, and it doesn’t turn off at the end of a work day, it continues. But, it is also the most rewarding “career” I have ever had 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!


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