flowers are a thing of beauty

When I get 5 minutes to myself I grab my camera and head outside.

I find so much solace and beauty in nature. I would like to share my findings with you.IMG_9292IMG_20141004_165513IMG_9860IMG_20140926_143028IMG_20141001_183921

My intention over the next few days of posts in the write 31 days challenge is to write several letters to myself. What I mean by that is a letter to me as a mum, as a depression sufferer, as a former self harmer etc. I hope that my words will help others on the pathway to getting help in these situations.

Blessings to you all,



6 thoughts on “flowers are a thing of beauty

  1. Lovely photos! I remember when I was in Britain, it seemed the flowers just sprang up so bountifully there! Wish I could go snap some with you!


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