Monday mama musings – volume 1


Good day all,
I have decided to spread my ‘dear’ letters through the month.
So today I am just going to share a few musings that have crossed my mind of late.
There is something that hubby said to me a few weeks ago, that has literally on just sunk in…he said ‘why do kids have homework? Isn’t the whole point of school that they learn there?’ I had to giggle, but to be quite honest I thought the same thing.
Bella brought her homework home on Friday, and I looked at over it to get an idea what to do come sunday…could I understand it? Could I heck!!
I am pretty sure I am not the only parent who feels this way? Or am I?


It’s made even harder for parents who don’t speak welsh..luckily I do.
And breathe…
I may be that annoying mum that is early for everything.. And I mean everything… I get bella to school half hour early everyday ( yea I don’t do late ) but there is something that I have noticed that I do…you may notice from the above homework comment..I am a procrastinator!!
Can I get a holla!! ☺


This is so me! Not only do I do this, but I also find any excuse to not rest ( and then I moan about having no rest! ) yes I am one of those people teehee!!
I have to do the dishes, do the laundry, brush the floor etc..anyone else do this?
I just can’t help it, its a habit I can’t break out of…you are lucky I find 5 minutes to write tthoughts


My last thought for the day is about bring an introvert.
I went out today for the first time in nearly a year with friends. We took the kids to soft play.
It occurred just how deeply introverted I am. I sat in the background while they all talked, I never realised that I did this.
I spent the majority of the time with my own thoughts…which is what I do at home..there is some irony there I am sure.
Don’t get me wrong i really enjoyed getting out and being with people, but I still feel alone even when I am out.
Is it my own fault for not involving myself in the conversation? Maybe. But I can’t force myself to join in something if my brain doesn’t feel comfy… If that makes sense.
We went for coffee after in the new Starbucks… I still ended up sitting by myself…I must seem weird, but its just who I am. Any more introverts out there? Please tell me how you cope in these situations.


Before I go…I tried my first ever pumpkin spiced latte today…OMW!!
Now I am usually a loyal iced caramel macchiatto kinda lady…but I could just be converted…for a few months at least!!

Hope you all have a madcap monday,



2 thoughts on “Monday mama musings – volume 1

  1. As a teacher, let me give you the main reason why I assign homework: For students to practice. Don’t sweat if it is confusing to you; kids are taught in such different ways nowadays. I always view it as the student/child’s role to explain homework to the parent while they were collaborating…it makes for a stronger home/school relationship if you ask me. And when it is confusing, as kids’ homework almost always seems to be, sit back and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte. You deserve it, mama! 🙂

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