Dear bullied

Dear charlotte,
There are moments in your life that define you, that shape you.
Don’t allow this to take you over.
A victim of bullying in your teenage years, you still let it bother you.
The things that were said aren’t true, you know this in your heart. But your mind is what over rules you.


In primary school you were happy. When you moved up to secondary school, with nobody that you knew it made you more introverted.
You were alone.
Did this make you an easy target? Perhaps.
They changed you. They took away your confidence. They took away you joy.
They almost took your life away.
Its because of them you began to hurt yourself.
You changed who you were, and that didn’t make them happy.
‘You are ginger’
‘You are ugly’
‘You are worthless’
‘You have no friends’
‘You are a geek’
There were days when people who were my friend just decided that didn’t want to be anymore. They would point and laugh at me from the other side of the classroom.

But charlotte, you are better than those words.
You are better than the pain. You deserve better than the memories.


From today I want you to do something for yourself.
Try to love you. It is easier said than done I know.
But remember this, writing about it helps those who read it.
Be a campaigner for anti bullying.
People love you for who you are, the whole world is not full of bullies I promise.
I know you fear one day those people will leave you, but if they do..were they a true friend?
You may not be popular.
You may not be beautiful.
You may not be skinny.
You may be crazy.
You may be ginger.
You may not be fashionable or wear make up.
But big deal!


The last few words are still hard to feel. But I will get there.
You are not defined by those who have hurt you in the past.
Who you are now is what’s important.
You are you. Don’t ever change that.


To all those victims of bullying, remember these words.
Those that bring you down, feel bad about themselves.
Never change you are for people.
If the don’t like you, its ok. I promise. I will be here.

Charlotte, become a campaigner for anti bullying. Help those who need help. Just because you were alone, don’t allow others to feel that pain.
Spread your love and kindness to those in need.
Be a part of the help.
So many children suffer and take there lives. But it can’t carry on this way.

Speak out please.



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