Motherhood – volume 1


Good day all!

What does the word motherhood mean to you?
Is it love? Friendship? Home? Happiness? Warmth? Joy?
For me it is all these things and more.
I woke up this morning to my bed full of children… An arm in face and legs everywhere!
I may have had no sleep…but I sure feel blessed.
I have always wanted to be a mother.
It was the only job I ever truly wanted.
It is deeply fulfilling – yes even when they drive me crackers.


But there is one thing that bothers me.
People are under the impression that when you become a mother, you change.
You become boring or antisocial or child obsessed.
My favourite is that all stay at home mums are out for all the tax the government will give them!
Please, I have been a stay at home mum for a while and I can just pay the bills.
Now I am not a judgy person (its a word) but I really dislike assumptions.
I don’t like to judge anyone as I feel only Jehovah has the right to judge people.
But sometimes I must bite my tongue.
I feel judged for not being able to breastfeed longer than 6 weeks.
For not celebrating birthdays and Christmas, people feel my kids are deprived, but they get gifts anytime of the year. They don’t need just 2 days a year to receive presents.
Why does it matter if we don’t celebrate these things, my children are loved unconditionally.
But I am skirting off the subject here.
Mums have such a hard job. It is certainly not easy.
There are so many things that mums do, we are teachers, cooks, cleaners, cuddlers, friends sometimes even psychologists.
But we are definitely not lazy.

If I have changed, it is for the better. It is for my babies.

So tell me, how have you been judged?
Not long ago I was in the supermarket with the 3 kids, and a lady turned to me tutted and said ‘ 3 kids at your age in this day and age!’ I was stunned…I am 28! I could have cried.
Is it any wonder I struggle with feeling like a good mum, when there is so much judgement, and those who can’t help but give there opinion?

Ooh it just occurred to me how ranty this came across…sorry!! But it need to be said.
For more on this subject, check out a post from my archives in may this year called ‘being a mum’

Have a wacky Wednesday,



6 thoughts on “Motherhood – volume 1

  1. Charlotte you obviously look really young! I used to get comments like that too when mine were small. I promise you it gets less with time (haha!) People have judgements on anything and it doesn’t help that the government and the media portray stay-at-home mothers as parasites of society. I am not sure what they want, there are fewer and fewer jobs and they want us to dump our kids into childcare and be useful to society. Why? So we can take a dead end job instead of spending time educating and shaping our youngsters to become well rounded, responsible people? It doesn’t seem a sensible or reasonable thing to do at all. And why should we be made to feel guilty for working 24/7? No holidays, no pay and no pension. I think, no strike that, I know we stay-at-home mums are useful to society. Because we love our kids look after them, teach and train them and take our responsibilities serious.


    • I must do lol! I will be grey by 30 anyway 😀. I wholly agree with this. We teach our children to be well rounded individuals and to teach them how behave in a decent manner ( which is tough) its made all the more difficult with the way the world is today.


  2. One thing that gets me about your post is that it is so true!!! I sometimes feel judged because I do work full-time, and go to school… we need to stop!!! Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world, regardless of how many children you have, how old you are when you have them, or if you work outside the home or not. Thank you for sharing your heart! I applaud ALL Moms… and you stay at home Moms are my heroes… even though it isn’t what I feel like God has called me to do, I truly admire those of you that He has called. Blessings to you!!!


  3. Sometimes I feel that way too. I have a lot of strong convictions that don’t fit into the standard mold. I am still working on being true to those beliefs and not letting other peoples assumptions get the best of me.


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