That different Friday feeling

Good day all!
Gosh I have to admit I feel terribly guilty for this but, today I am skirting off subject slightly.
I am having a pretty rough day today, and unfortunately I can’t seem to muster up anything that could help someone through their I apologise.


I sometimes try to focus my energy on others and just for a while ignore my own problems. Which if I am honest makes me feel wonderful to begin with, but then I get a really bad day like today where I am stuck in a whole with slippery sides.
But do you know what, I think the mere fact that I can be honest about how I feel is a huge jump for me.
This quote I fully believe in.


What I am going to share with you is a few quotes and a nice cheery mood board… Nothing better than Looking for things to buy to make a girl smile!


Below is one of my favourite scriptures. Whenever I feel down I can always find hope and strength from gods word


I hope you all have a fabulous Friday,



11 thoughts on “That different Friday feeling

  1. Love your honest post friend! I think we all have days (shew…we better all have days) like that! For me, I feel like thee are times I’m focusing so much on my husband, my crazy boys or all of the commitments I’ve made, I completely miss the God-given moment to sit down, with my breaking heart and go…”God, can you hold this for me?” I sing Joshua 1:9 over my boys every night! Love that verse!!!


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