Dear feelings of failure

Feelings of failure
It is not is not long lasting.
It is not realistic.
It is mere feelings.


Look at this rose. It looks perfect right?
But it look closely there are small flaws here and there.
As with us.
We are all imperfect people, but who says we have to feel like it?
I know I am imperfect. I am very hard on myself.
When I have a bad day, I feel it reflects outwards and the kids know.
This makes me feel like even more of a failure..but as a mum and not a person.


Most days I feel like a failure. No matter how much I try to persuade myself otherwise.
You would think that having my babies would make me feel otherwise but it doesn’t.
I can tidy up until I am blue in the face, but the living room still looks like a bomb hit it.
This makes me feel like a failure as a housewife…its my job to keep on top of things…and I can’t even do that right.
Most days I wonder why I even get out of bed at all!

But I do, and I do what I do everyday.. Even when I don’t think I do anything right..I just do it anyway.
For all I know I may actually be doing a good job..who knows


But when I look at the smiling faces of my children, I can’t help but melt inside.
I need to feel good for them.
Push inadequacy and feelings of failure aside.
We are not defined by the feelings we have inside, but what we do for those around us.
By those we help.
By the ones we love.

Put on your cape and red pants and be supermum for your kiddies today!



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