Discoveries of a new mum

Ok ladies.

Let’s talk about what you discovered when you became a mum for the first time.
I am now a mum of 3.
But when I had bella I read every book going on pregnancy, childbirth and baby’s first year.
So I was like I know all ☺
But I tell you what…I don’t think any book can fully prepare you baby’s arrival.
So here is my top 15 things.

1.  You can never have too much in your hospital bag.

2. Now I am not one to question medical professionals but when it comes to baby’s first nappy…cotton wool just won’t cut it!

3. Don’t ever forget a spare set of clothes for bubba…

4. …and for you! The amount of times I have been pee’d on!

5. You will be so grateful for elastic waist trousers ☺

6. You will take photos of bubba in every single outfit.

7. When you go for your first weekend away with baby, you will pack everything… And I mean everything… Even stuff you don’t need!

8. You will wonder if you could possibly love another child as much as your bubba…you can :mrgreen:

9. You will rejoice when they cut their first teeth…even though the cause them pain!

10. You will be very grateful for coffee…

11….and calpol!

12. You will have 20 blankets but only use the same one over and over!

13. You won’t stop worrying that you will hurt him when you get his nails.

14. When you leave the house alone…you will feel naked!

15. You wonder how some new mums look so put together when they go out…I know I do.

So what about you guys? What did you discover when you became a mum?
If I think of anymore I will do another post on it :mrgreen:

Have a super sunday 💖



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