Dear self esteem


Charlotte – look at the picture. This is you.
When you look at it you pick out all your flaws.
Your big forehead.
Your thin lips.
Your stubby nose.
Your fluffy hair.
You can barely look at yourself in the mirror.
But why?


Low self esteem.
Its always been this way.
Have you ever liked what you see?
You always point out the many things you would change.
My waist could be thinner.
My stomach could be flatter.
Why do my thighs touch?
I wish I was taller.
More conventionally pretty.

Are people born with self esteem or is it something you can instill in yourself?
I don’t recall a time where I had it.
At the age of 10 I suffered from anorexia. My lowest weight was 4 and a half stone.
My feelings of low self worth snowballed.
I still struggle to this day.
Days go by when I don’t eat.
But why?
Why do I constantly try to change myself.

You don’t have any self love.


Read the above quote charlotte.
Believe the above quote.
You may not feel it, but it is true.

Let’s do something together shall we –
Anyone who feels this way – read the above quote.
Feel that you are worth loving
Feel it in your heart, in your soul

Don’t point out your flaws
Point out your good things.
You can do it.


I am beautiful the way Jehovah made me.
I just need to work hard at loving me.
There are people out there who love you…so you need to learn to love you.

Go and look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am beautiful, I love me”


18 thoughts on “Dear self esteem

  1. I love your open honesty! In a survey of my readers, I once asked what they felt they consistently struggled with the most. Almost every one of them mentioned self-esteem, beauty, self-respect, etc. It is refreshing to a woman’s soul to know she is not alone!!

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  2. I love reading this, and I plan to share it with my daughters. Whether you believe it or not, you are adorable. But even if you weren’t “adorable” we are all worth loving. Give yourself a big hug! (because I can’t from here in Ohio!)

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  3. It’s so hard not to see the flaws, or at least what we perceive as flaws. But we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We must try to live in that Truth. Thank you for your transparency. My prayer for you is for you to always see the beauty in yourself.


  4. You look pretty damn beautiful to me, girl.
    [Print that ‘I am worth loving’ image out and stick it everywhere – everywhere – bathroom mirror, inside your kitchen cupboards, a small version inside your purse….when you see it so many times, and consciously take it in, you’ll start to believe it, from inside…]

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