Happiness is beauty

Good day all.

Let’s talk happy things today shall we!
What make you happy?

Happiness to me is –
Taking photographs, it doesn’t take much for me to break out my camera and flowers are my photography weakness


Flowers make me happy, not having them per se. But the beautiful, vibrant colours, the different types…so many varieties
Made even more beautiful covered in raindrops 💖


The sunrise makes me happy, everyone is different and unique.
I have about 50 pictures of the sunrise from my bedroom window!


Orange, pink and yellow hues are just so glorious.

Sunflowers make me happy, how can anyone look at them and not smile is what I want to know?! They are like beams of light.
Giant happinesses a top green stems.

The book of psalms, so full of joyous scriptures.

Coffee, coffee, coffee…that is all.

Butterflies. Like flowers, they are unique, individual and beautiful. Always guaranteed to raise a smile.

Scented candles. There are some beautiful ones out there, although it makes me not want to light them!

My children. There smiling faces. There personalities. The snuggly cuddles! Awesome!



They fill my heart with joy.
My life with meaning.

Tell me what makes you happy.
What is guaranteed to make you smile?



16 thoughts on “Happiness is beauty

  1. I have that photography weakness too! haha I feel it’s become a problem…the amount i take, I can’t help it, i loving finding beauty in little places just sitting there, waiting for me to appreciate it, waiting for me to smile πŸ™‚


  2. You take beautiful photos! Your happiness comes through especially the one of your children! May God bless you & use your photos in the days ahead to bring Him glory! I am so glad I stopped here this morning from the 31 Dayers FB site πŸ™‚

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  3. What a joyful post! I love your photographs! You have a really good eye for composition and colour and capturing your beautiful children’s joyful expressions. I think one of the things that never fails to make me happy is hearing my youngest daughter (who is about to celebrate 2 years next week) belly laugh. She has such a great little laugh that is part little girl squeal, part baby giggle, and all completely her own. Another thing that makes me smile is seeing my oldest girl (who is almost 8) sitting completely absorbed in a book. Her daddy and I both love to read so it does my momma heart good to see her so interested in it. It makes me happy too to see my middle daughter (who is almost 7) so interested in her faith. She is working so hard to read and follows along with all the scripture readings in Mass and the prayers that are printed in the missal. My husband makes me happy too. Just the act of snuggling close to each other quiets my spirit and brings a sense of peace. Thank you for reminding me of all these things. God bless you!

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