Dear fear


Fear is almost an all consuming black hole
A point in which many people give up
Fear makes is stay where we are, too afraid to try anything new
Fear makes you hide from world
Makes you turn and run
Makes you pale with terrified laboured breathing
Makes your body shake and soul quake
Makes you stomach full of fluttering butterflies

Fear is enough to stop your dreams
To put an end to where you want to be, to where you see yourself

Should we run…or should we rise?


Do we turn our back or stand tall and square off with it?
Take our blinkers off and face the real picture

My greatest fear?
Not being good enough.
It is one that consumes my spirit
My laughter
My happiness

I used to laugh often


Now I fear that I will look stupid or crazy
I don’t like to dress up in case people think I am trying to hard
I don’t wear make up in case I look ridiculous
I haven’t been to a hair salon in 6 years, because I fear that a major change won’t suit me and I will be laughed at.
I fear being myself.

My stomach is twisting and my throat tightening while this fear washes over my every fibre.

Why do I fear what others will think of me?
That I don’t know.
Fears sometimes seem to me to be somewhat irrational
Fears are a blockade that cuts us down in our happiest moments
It questions our every thought and hope.

I have been a virtual recluse since being a stay at home mum
Venturing out to shop for food and not much else.
I sometimes feel ostracised, not invited places and forgotten
Which isn’t true, but fuels my fears


But here is what I am proposing.
I am going to face one fear – change
I am going to book a hair appointment
It may not sound like a lot
But to me it is a huge leap
I am going to vastly change my hair, and not care whether people like it or not!
Its a start trust me, I have held onto to these fears for far too long.
Its time to send them away on a one way trip to ‘never bother me again’

What can you overcome today?
Start small…work up to the big stuff
Let’s not go crazy ☺



18 thoughts on “Dear fear

  1. “Fear makes you stay where you are.” That is so true – fear paralyzes us. We must face the truth that we are enough in & through Christ. Glad to have stopped here through the 31 Dayers FB site. I hope you’ll share your new haircut with us all so we can love on you! Seriously. And I must tell you, your hair color & freckles are stunning!


  2. Fear definitely keeps us from achieving our dreams and it can really give us a run for our money. It can be so hard to just let go – I am constantly learning to let go of the fear and just try and be. Thank you for this inspiring post!


  3. Fear has always been my nemesis! But with confidence and knowing who I am to God I have overcome many of the fears that once held me captive!!! Blessings to you my dear as you tackle your fears one at a time…living in victory!!!


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  5. I am also riddled by fear so much of the time. I try to remind myself that fear is literally nothing more than thoughts. If I don’t think about what I’m scared of, it no longer controls me. Sometimes it doesn’t help, but a lot of the time, it does! Can’t wait to see your haircut – I’m sure you’ll look great because you’ll feel great! Xx

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