Kindness matters


Good day all.

How would you describe someone who is kind?

Kindness to me is this and so much more.
Sometimes its the little things people do.
Like on a sunday when I am in the kingdom hall and hubby and I are struggling to contain to kiddies, someone always offers to help out.
That is kindness.

When my friend was feeling down, I made her a cheerful card with a loving note inside.

Small acts of kindness can sometimes make the biggest impact on people.


Kind words
A warming smile
A gentle touch on the shoulder
A listening ear
A hug

Send someone a text message
Write a letter
Pick them some flowers
Give them a phone call

Think of how you would feel if someone did this for you when you were feeling low
Share your happiness
Share your joy
Share your love
Share your hugs

Don’t be reluctant to be kind

‘There is more happiness is giving, then there is in receiving’

We need to spread the word and make kindness contagious.

Be the sunshine, not the rain
Be the rose, not the thorn
Be the rainbow, not the raincloud

Be the reason someone smiles today ☺



11 thoughts on “Kindness matters

  1. It can be hard to lift yourself out of the grind of daily life to remember this! I have been trying to make a habit of noticing when I can be kind…It’s especially easy for me with moms with little kids, because it still feels so fresh for me when I was wrangling four kids under five in the grocery store!


  2. If only everyone remembered what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a “random act of kindness,” maybe the world would be better. Thank you for sharing this today and inspiring me to show someone a “random act of kindness.”

    Anastasia Rose


  3. Okay, I had a comment and right when I hit post, my internet died.

    I love this reminder! I have found that even if it is something small on my end, it can make a huge difference to someone else!


  4. Love your post! I’m sure Kim would be very happy if you joined in KCF! (which she’d originally named something including ‘contagious’ (which I thought was very fitting!)). Love all the comments your post provoked….it’s great to hear that there are people who think the same as us – we’ll have to fight for a peaceful revolution πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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