Charl’s roundup

Good day all!
As we come to the end of the write31days challenge, I thought I would reflect on the subjects that I have written about…and maybe sneak some other things in!

When I wrote the title for today I had this image of Britney humming Woody’s roundup to herself ( if you weren’t before you are now lol!)

So, when I started this challenge I thought 31 days in one subject can’t be difficult to do surely…boy was I ever wrong!

I sort of mixed tough subjects with a bit of upbeat things.

I have talked depression, self esteem, bullying, self harm and beauty within.
All these subjects are vastly important and many not discussed.
I remember I wrote I piece on depression being an illness the day before Robin Williams sadly lost the battle with his darkness. (read it here)
My hope in sharing them was that in some way maybe I could help someone else, sometimes words can be powerful.
We tend to forget how much a few words can calm someone’s soul.


I have come to the realisation that I am not defined by my struggles. There is more to me than people think.

Imagine an iceberg, you only see a small part above water but look below the surface and you discover there is more to it than meets the eye ☺
I never considered myself brave before, but I guess sharing parts of my story makes me somewhat so.
I am not one for bigging myself up so to speak.
I get embarrassed in the face of any form of praise.
I guess you could call humility, I call it eek!! Cheeks the colour of my hair lol!
And do you know what I am proud of who I am.
During September I found so many wonderful people that I have things in common with and I am so grateful for them. I found them at a time in my life when I need them.
Check them out – Helen Britney Lizelle Bess
I am ever so thankful for their kindness, and the joy they bring people through their words.


I like this quote, its lovely honest wording warms my heart.

Speaking of hair, I booked that hair appointment… And faced my first mini fear..10th november ☺
I have picked 4 styles…tell me what you think! Oh don’t worry I am not changing the colour ☺


I am torn between the top 2 to be honest ☺

I think I am trying to achieve one thing through my words, and that is to help anyone to realise they are all beautiful. Unique is a word I like to use.
I think people are so often pulled down by the hurtful words of others that they start to believe the fiction that people weave.
Like I said before words are powerful.
Just a few can etch into your heart, and can never be erased.


But if we aim to love who we are despite our flaws, then it will radiate from us like sunbeams.
People will see our happiness and feed off it.
Happiness is infectious
A smile goes a long way.

Smile today.
Watch how it lights your way ☺

Have a great weekend



6 thoughts on “Charl’s roundup

  1. I came through a thread on Facebook for the write31days. I haven’t been having the best of month. And I have been finding it very hard to stay positive. When it gets like that I find I complain a lot about the people I don’t think work very hard and make me work harder. Ouch. I also find I have been dragging up all the hurt from my past. Words do hurt. I find it very hard to make friends these days. So…thank you for sharing your “secrets”. For reminding us that we are all unique (I like to say that about myself too). And I am struggling to decide if I should post my pain as my last post or if that is still holding on to the past. I am also working towards doing a gratitude project for November to help lift my spirits and hopefully also help my son.


    • (I forgot what I really came to say). It’s funny how, here I was having this incredibly bad day yesterday and another associate told me she liked that I always walked with such good posture, all straight and all (head up). And I always get remarks when I am not smiling. So it is noticed when we aren’t in the best of spirits, even if it is by people that aren’t really close to us.

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