FMF – vol1 give

Good day all!
So I have decided to join in with the 5 minute Friday link, I realise it is sunday..but what the heck.

Give –
As a mum I spend most of my day giving…drinks, snacks etc
I give my family all of me, all of my love and time.
But for me giving is a great thing. It can create happiness for someone that has nothing.
The great thing about giving is that it makes your soul full and warm, it gives me joy to know that something so small can create a huge amount of joy.
Give of your time to someone that is feeling unhappy or lonely, you have no idea how much that will help them.
‘There is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving’
Giving doesn’t need to involve material things.
I give my love, faith and devotion to Jehovah
We can learn from so many example of giving from the bible.
We can learn mostly from the example of Jesus, he was a wonderful giving man.
He gave of his time. He gave people his teachings. He gave his kindness.
He is a great example of giving.
The more I read about him, the more I learn about his giving nature.
I hope to be a reflection of Jesus giving nature.
As a Jehovah’s witness we do our door to door ministry work. We give our time to do this. We also give the teachings of the bible to people. Giving them the hope for the future.
So, giving is a good thing – big or small
Be it giving someone flowers to brighten their day or giving them a listening ear when they need to vent
Giving makes me happy :mrgreen:




That poorly feeling

Good day all!

Do you know I always knew that Fridays had it in for me!
We had friends for dinner last night, and a few hours in my headache was getting really bad and I could feel my glands swelling up…fast forward a few hours later and I am shivering like nobodies business.
Now I pride myself on not getting ill, its hubby that catches everything!
But it would seem I am coming down with a nice bout of tonsillitis…. Yay!
So I felt kinda bad for not posting yesterday, but it was a busy day :mrgreen:
Rather than do one of the 31 day challenge today, I am going to post some pictures. Then carry on when my brain is no longer mush.

First off I came across #wallofsilence which is where you post a ssh selfie to help encourage women to speak out about domestic violence.


Second, we have had some beautiful autumn skies just lately, and seeing as my camera is normally surgically attached to my face I had to photograph it.





I happen to love pink skies, I mean how could you not?!

Have a great weekend folks,


Blog love

Good day all!

You know I wrote most of this prompt last night then fell asleep oops!
So technically it was yesterdays….

Let’s get going with today’s prompt –

Top 5 blogs I read daily.

Chantelle – love this lady’s blog! She is the author of fat mum slim – love the blog name! She is also the creator of the photo a day challenge, which I happily take part in ☺ she has a vast amount of topics from letters to her children to blogging advice!

Britney – Author of All things britney lee. An awesome lady + wonderful writing skills = love her! She is my witty american sister :mrgreen:

Bess – Author of Bess’s bag. love this lady. I could read her creative posts in a constant loop. She also has an immense faith which I love.

Helen – Author of I will bloom. She is an incredible lady. Brave. Courageous and just all round awesome. I beg you to read her posts, she is a joy.

Lizelle – Author of sandals and sunnnies. I think she is beautiful inside and out. She is incredible and incitive. Incredibly courageous and just fab!

There you have my top 5 favourite blogs!
I could keep going but I had to skim to 5

But just for fun –
Jess – peonie and pine
Tabitha Blue – Fresh mommy blog
Madi – her wandering path
firework people

What are your top blogs to read?

Have a thigh slappingly good Thursday :mrgreen:


The need to be thin

Good day all!

So I have been thinking this week about broaching a subject which some may consider taboo.
I suppose its because having dealt in a personal way with it in the past and having similar thoughts in my mind just recently..I decided its time to speak out.

Here goes.

My name is Charlotte.
At age 10 I suffered from anorexia.
My lowest weight was 4 and a half stone.
I was hospitalised.
I can’t tell you why, because I don’t know.
I decided one day to no longer eat. When I did eat I would spent hours exercising.
To this day my mind still tells me I am too fat. To get moving and stop eating.

People find it shocking that I was 10.
But when it happened to me it was a rarely discussed disease.
With the media and celebrity the way it is today, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were vast number of young sufferers.

The need to be skinny
The aim for a thigh gap..skinny arms…wanting to see your ribs

What shocks me about this disease is the large amount of pro anorexia support. For example



People call it thinspiration.

There are days when I don’t want to eat.
Meals I skip.
Pretend I ate a big lunch.
But then I look at myself and say “what are you doing?”
“Why are you doing this?”

I believe you are never fully rid of anorexia.
It is a disease.
It is always in my mind.
The thoughts gnaw at me like a parasite.
Desperate to win me over.
Hoping to take away my last balancing weight and tip me over.

But I am a survivor.
I did not and will not go back there, I can’t.

Those of you that have survived, that are winning the battle each day I applaud you.
Those that still suffer and are getting the help they need.
I applaud you.
Those that suffer in silence…please seek help.
Don’t put your body and mind through a painful and seemingly endless struggle anymore.
You are loved.
No matter what you think you are loved.


Remember :
You are not alone in your fight.

I know now that I am and was never alone.

But I understand.

Speak out.


You are loved.

Home – my happy place

Good day all!

You may have noticed that I skipped yesterday’s prompt, generally I don’t like to do this. However, I have already posted about why and when I started blogging…no need to repeat myself eh?!

So moving on.

Where am I happiest?

They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, I agree it is a truly happy place and I love it!

But, I am and always will be a home bird. I am at my happiest when I am in my home.
I feel so strange sometimes if I go out shopping or to see friends, I just spend the whole time thinking of home.
Which means I am never out for a great amount of time.

I must admit though this probably doesn’t help my depression, because I shut myself off.
But then it makes sense being an introvert.

But why am I happiest at home?
Its where my family is.
Its where my books are.
Also as any mum knows that home is where the comfy clothes are…hello yoga pants ☺
Its where the coffee is in my favourite mug
Its where the warm blankets and comfy cushions are
Its where the loving hugs and happy faces are


Home is where the heart is they say.
My heart is certainly here. I spend 98% of my time in it.
When I am not here I am on the school run, food shopping or at the kingdom hall.
I love being in the kingdom hall, listening to the wonderful talks given by the brothers.
But the home is a joyful place.

Right now I am sitting on the sofa with James asleep on my chest and Ariana sleeping upstairs, so what better time to write my blog?!
I couldn’t be happier being here.
I may not be doing anything right now but give it 10 minutes and it will be lunchtime all around!

I enjoy the home routine.
I may complain sometimes, but I love it really.

Its my happy place.
My organised chaos ☺

Where are you happiest?
Is home where your heart is?


A great accomplishment

Good day all!

How is your weekend going?
Monday is nigh… But there is still a 3 hours until monday makes an appearance…which is plenty of time to finish my wine 😉

With that gorgeous thought in mind, I am going to write about my greatest accomplishment.

In my 28 years I think my greatest accomplishment is my children.



I am truly proud of my children.
The fact that I have mothered these wonderful babies just makes me feel amazing.

After struggling with a miscarriage in the early years of our marriage, I worried about being pregnant.
But I am incredibly proud of my body for carrying them.
They have made my life fuller.
There is more sunshine with them around.
Their smiles make my day better.
I couldn’t imagine being without them in my life.
Everything they do makes me so amazed.
They are my reason for getting up each day…mainly because they make me :mrgreen:
They fill my heart with joy.

I have accomplishments that I hope to achieve.


I want to be happy in myself.
I want to boost my self esteem.
I want be happier in my own body.
I want to raise awareness for anti bullying, depression and self harm.
I want to be a pioneer.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
What do you hope to achieve in the future?


Am I awesome?

Good day all!

I have been in two minds about today’s post.
To do it…or not…

My brain has been arguing with me.
“How are going to think 10 things that make you awesome?? You are not awesome”
“You may as well give up now”

Well Mr brain you lose this round.

Most of you may know that I generally take issue with myself.
I don’t toot my own horn or big myself up.
That’s just not how I roll.
I always find it tough to point out my good points.

So please bear with me while I go through 10…yes 10 things that make me awesome…yikes

1. My red hair.
Most redheads will know that growing up you will get the usual comments…’ginger…rusty’ etc. Many don’t ever embrace their hair colour. But I am not of this number. I have embraced my hair colour for high on 10 years now. Ginger and proud yes I am!


2. My freckles –
As a teenager I wished to be like everyone else who could go in the sun and come back golden. I dreaded the sun…loathed it. Red skin was my tan. Too painful even to look at. Sure today I would them all to join together and make a giant tan…but that’s not going to happen…yet..


3. Sarcasm –
I join the likes if Edmund Blackadder and House with this. I jusdt can’t help it sometimes ☺


4. My honesty.
During recent months I have opened up about my struggles through various issues. It is never something I ever thought I could do. Seeing as I don’t open up to people, doing so with the world is a major thing. I think taking that step is a big frigging deal.

5. I am loyal.
I may not be perfect but I am loyal. If I say I am going to do something then I do it. If a friend is feeling down I am there for them.

6. Being a Jehovah’s witness.
I think this makes me awesome. I am proud of my faith. I am proud of standing out from my family’s beliefs. I am proud to stand by Jehovah.

7. I am an introvert.
There are many different types of introverts. Quite a lot of them are bloggers ironically. But I think just because I am not incredibly out going I am still a good person to be around. I may not thrive in social situations, but I shine in other ways.

8. I am short.
Good things come in small packages ☺

9. I wear bright colours.
They cheer me up. Make me stand out without really doing anything. People will remember the girl in the red cords and rainbow stripe T-shirt :mrgreen:

10. My friends (bloggy or otherwise)
You all make me feel awesome. You are all kind, sweet and considerate. #fireworkpeople have welcomed me with open arms, and I feel honoured to know them. Bess Britney Helen Lizelle are wonderful people, I met them via blogtember and couldn’t imagine not knowing them. My best is Katie, love her. All of you make me feel amazing so thank you :mrgreen:

Tell me what makes you awesome?

Am I awesome…I might just be ☺