Treats for mama

Good day all!

I find irony in the fact that I am no longer doing the write 31 days challenge, but I couldn’t resist writing today!!
Goodbye writers block..hello blog geek lol :mrgreen:

Today may be the first Saturday in years that I spent alone (well James was with me, but he can’t walk or answer me back yet! )
I was invited to an Avon party.
I am not much for make up
Or face creams…why am I going??
Ah yes the sweet taste of freedom lol!

I actually had a great time, considering public gatherings tend to freak the wotsits out of me ☺
My good friend deb decided I was going to be her little testing monkey lol!


I don’t usually put stuff on my face…too much maintenance for me…however I quite liked it ☺ couldn’t be doing it everyday mind you…
Not only that I managed to come away with 12 nail varnishes… Nails I can do.


I am set for months with these lol!


Something occurred to me today, I think I am about to add something to my many, many, many idiosyncrasies… I have discovered I have a slight OCD tendency when it comes to my kitchen…just when I thought I was weird enough…I chuck something else into the melting pot of my personality!
Since we had an icky Sicky bug in the house a few months ago, I have been scrubbing my counters with bleach…can’t be good!

Not only that my sarcasm button is stuck on overdrive…so if you ask a silly question or generally badger me to death I have a secret weapon known as the sarcasm PHD….and I am not afraid to use it!
Sarcasm isn’t so bad
Its how I express myself without letting my inner redhead diva/crazy lady on you!


Hope you all have a great weekend!



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