Quote queen

Good day all!!
Another Friday is upon us…and today has been as awful as most Fridays..with added heavy rain and flooding thrown in for good measure.
Hmm I must be the only person that hates Fridays lol! :mrgreen:

Alright enough of that let’s talk favourite quotes shall we?

I am quite the one for quotes, be they inspirational, ones about friendship/love, movie quotes..you name it.

A few of my personal favourites are from books/authors –


Ahhh J R R Tolkien, I favourite author for sure. The way he writes is so deep and meaningful. The first few lines for me in particular speak to me ☺ never a truer word spoken.


Anne frank. This is one book I have read over and over. I find her writing to be full of insight, childhood innocence and also a deep sense of maturity. This quote is beautiful and very apt in today’s world.


I think this one is really cute, but also really true. If we can’t change someone’s happiness, then let’s try to remove their sadness. Sometimes just a listening ear will do.

And finally,


I absolutely adore this quote for so many reasons! I know people that are great at being a rainbow.

What are you’d favourite quotes, I would love to know!

Have a great Friday,


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