Happy hippo

Good day all!

So today, I quite fancy the idea of playing a little catch up with my 31 easy challenge… So I may be posting 2 today..who knows!
Let’s talk happiness.
What makes you happy?

If I am totally honest quite a few things make me happy.
So prepare yourselves for a giant list :mrgreen:


Flowers, butterflies and willow trees
Bluebells, sunflowers and crunchy leaves
Cheese, crackers and grapes
Movie nights, fluffy blankets and candlelight
Reading a book, listening to music and mummytime
Nail varnish, hair dye and warm jumpers
My children, my hubby and family
Rainbows, snow men and oreos
Doodles, poems and photography
Johnny depp movies, nutrageous bars and biscotti
Iced caramel macchiato, carrot cake and sandcastles
Making people happy, dancing around my kitchen and singing
Baby toes, Marilyn Monroe movies and Disneyland
Build a bear factory, high heels and bright colours.
Red wine, roaring fires and sunsets
Family trips, sunrise and water rings ☺

I am going to quit while I am ahead lol!

But I would love to know what makes you happy!

Ooh I think I picked my haircut…


What do you think??



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