And just like the movies…

Good day all!

This is like my favourite topic of discussion!
Movies yay!

But the killer question is which ones could I watch over and over without being bored?!

The first one is a no brainer for me –


Forrest Gump, yes, yes and heck yes!!
Not only do I love Tom Hanks, but this film has the ability to move me in so many ways.
I can watch it until I fall asleep and then watch it some more!

Next –
Lord of the Rings!


Hubby is of the opinion that the movies are too long!
What?! Too long…sacrelidge!!
I have the extended versions.. With extra features! Because thats how I roll lol!


A league of their own –
Saw this on telly once as a kid and fell in love with it.
Can I play baseball you ask? Erm no!
But I love the film, always makes me smile.


10 things I hate about you –
Heath Ledger + sarcasm = my kinda movie ☺

What about you guys?
Any films you could watch over and over :mrgreen:

Have a great weekend



7 thoughts on “And just like the movies…

  1. Forrest Gump is one of my faves too. Love the Harry Potter series. I could watch Rent over and over again! Because of Winn Dixie always makes me smile! Dirty Dancing and Grease are oldies but goodies for me!


  2. My faves would be – Titanic, Les Miserables, The sound of music, Pretty Woman, and for Christmas…It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street – and the romantic, sappy, love stories on Hallmark and Lifetime Channels (and the Christmas ones that we’ve been watching already)!! Thanks for sharing! LOVE getting inside Charlotte’s mind!!!

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