Dreaming of jazz hands

Good day all!

Yes I have posted twice today, but if you are like me..when there is something in your head you need to let it out!

Let’s talk dream jobs shall we?!

Growing up I wanted to be many things –
A nurse
A vet
A ballerina
A writer

But when I got to 12 years old I had my heart set on the West end stage thanks to cats!
So I started taking dance classes every Saturday –
Ballet and tap dance.
Loved tap dancing so much ☺
I had been doing drama classes, and performing on stage since I was 10. Mostly panto but still fun.


I may be an introvert but my heart lived for the stage.
To express myself via performing
I took performing arts as a college course…we even got to do circus training!
It is still in my heart to perform…if there is karaoke I am there!
But as for the West end dream, it was just a dream.

Now as I mum I get to perform all I want in my home and no one boos me ☺
If I am honest being a stay at home is the ultimate dream job for me.
My family are my dream job.

What about you? Do you have a dream job?



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