Little annoyance

Good day all!

I tell you what autumn is just getting better and better…what with rain, floods and now my internet being a silly thing argh!
I spent yesterday afternoon speaking to my broadband providers Indian call centre yay! Now I have to wait until between 1pm and 3pm to hear from them…yup I am literally dying with anticipation for that call #sarcasm!

Anyway, task at hand eh?
Pet peeves…this is an interesting one because I have a few lol!

1.  When you send someone a text or call them and they don’t answer – ah nothing better than being ignored! Feels really good.


I told hubby off the other week for not replying, because let’s face it..accident prone hubby + chainsaw = stress. Plus I am a natural worrier, I always fear the worst.

2. Socks and sandals. Need I say more?!

3. Pregnancy boundaries – when I was expecting I didn’t want people touching my belly. But for some reason people are under the impression that it is ok to feel the belly of someone even if they didn’t know you! I needed a sign saying “please don’t touch” its slightly unnerving.

4. Asking me if I am mad – oh I hate this!! I get asked over and over until I get to the point where yes I am mad! But only from being badgered to death!


5 . Bad grammar – particularly funny when someone is trying to insult you and fails miserably ha!


What about you? What are your pet peeves?
(Watch me make a grammatical error now lol)

Have a great Thursday, I may play catch up later if the darn internet starts working properly again ☺



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