A day in my life

Good day all.

Gosh I feel like I have posted for days…but in reality it was only Friday ☺
But since Friday our fridge and freezer broke…just to the cherry on perfect week!
But that’s neither here nor there.
As you know I posted my bucket list a few weeks ago, and I am pretty sure I haven’t got anything to add to it just yet ☺
Until then, let’s discuss my daily routine!

Most of you will know a mothers work is never done…its almost a 24hr job.

Let’s see…

7am – get woken up by the kids
7.30am – get badgered out of bed to get them breakfast
7.45am – have coffee, get kids dressed, wash up
8.15am – drag all the kids to the car for the school run.
8.30am – drop Bella at school, get kids back in school and go home
9.30am – put Ariana to bed, wash and sterilise bottles.
10.30am – have breakfast and more coffee
11am – feed and change James
12pm – get Ariana up and make lunch.
1pm – fold the laundry and put the washing machine on.
1.30pm – have my lunch and do the dishes
2pm – feed James and make bottles up
3pm – get kids in the car, and go on the school run.
4pm – get the kids a snack
5pm – get dinner on and make hubby a coffee
6.30pm – get kids ready for bed and settle Ariana down for the night
7pm – put Bella to bed
8pm- do the dishes and make more bottles
10pm – bed yay!

Oh my that looks like a lot written down…and I do the same thing everyday ☺

Do you do the same thing every day?


What’s your day routine?
If I think of anymore bucket list things I will get back to you :mrgreen:


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