Lost in literature

Good day all!

I am a book worm it has to be said. There were many a time a could devour several books a week.
It is a past time I want to get back into.
My family devours my time just lately and I am half way through reading gone girl.
So seeing as I haven’t finished a book in a while, I figured I would share some quotes from my favourite books.

Jane Eyre –
In my opinion the best book I read as a teenager. Its this book that got me into novels. I am a classic novel lover ☺ and this woman for me seems to be the starter of the feminist movement so to speak. Jane Eyre the original strong, independent woman.


Anne frank –
Every body remembers learning about Anne frank in school ( well I do) to me she always seemed so bright, so mature for her age. The things in which she wrote were so on point and honest. There was so much truth in her words, yet you could also sense the childhood innocence. I have to copies of her book, one I have had since age 10.



Lord of the rings –
Now not only was J.R.R.Tolkien from the same place I am, but he is also an excellent author. Who not only created and incredible series off books but also made his own languages.. What?! An absolute genius of the literary world in my opinion


So tell me what are your favourite books?
Or better yet what have you read lately?

Have a great monday



6 thoughts on “Lost in literature

  1. Great set of quotes (the Anne Frank ones resonated with me today). Ooh, my favourite books? So many! Have you read ‘Me without you’ by Jo Jo Moyes? I think you’d like it! I’m reading ‘The Alchemist’ at the mo….. [Hope you’re feeling a bit better xxx]


  2. I finally started a new book last night, after more than two weeks without reading. November has just been so busy! I absolutely LOVED Jane Eyre. I want to reread The Diary of Anne Frank. I read it in middle school, but I’m sure I read the heavily-edited version. There’s a newer version out that didn’t edit and revise Anne’s original words. I need to read that one!


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