What am I missing?

Good day all!

You know what I have spent all day thinking about something that I miss, and nothing major sprung to mind.
So being a mama, I thought I would have a laugh with this prompt and think off little things I miss :mrgreen:

Let’s see…
I miss – hot coffee!
Many a drink has been made and forgotten. I usually either get back to them when they are lukewarm or ice cold! Pretty sure a lot of mum a know this one.

Peace and quiet!
Do you remember a time when you weren’t asked 20 questions in half an hour? Yea me neither!


Going to the bathroom –
By which I mean going alone…without a constant shadow lurking behind me :mrgreen:

A long soak in the bath –
A 5 main shower is the best I can fit in…usually with a child shouting me in demand of some attention lol!

Going to the cinema to watch an adult movie…no more Disney/Pixar for me lol!

Sitting down for 5 mins –
Preferably without having to get up and retrieve something for a child…what’s wrong with daddy’s legs eh?!


What about you what do you miss?



2 thoughts on “What am I missing?

  1. LOL about the going to the toilet one! Nothing is sacred when there’s littles around! I miss being able to read a book quietly without someone asking me ‘What are you reading?’ and then saying ‘Why don’t you read this one to me instead’ (and thrusting one of their books at me). But….I wouldn’t change it for the world. They are little for such a short, short time…..my son will be 9 in 6 months and it *literally* feels like he was born just yesterday 😦 Only a few short years before he’s pre-adolescent and won’t be needing Mama any more 😦 😦 😦

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