Kindness counts vol.2

Good day all!

So another Friday is upon us, which means another week has flown by in a blur of early starts and mugs of coffee.
Which means it’s kindness counts Friday.


I am truly glad to be joining in with this.
I think kindness is something that is very important.
I don’t have a vast amount of examples from my personal week, but I would like to share something I witnessed my 4 year do.

She started school in September, and there is a young girl in her class that I always noticed played alone. Just this week Bella has taken it upon herself to reach out a hand of friendship. I think it is wonderful. I remember what its like to be an outsider, so to have Bella show true kindness makes me so happy.
Kindness to everyone is something I gave tried to instill in her and its obviously working.

Also, remember our friend who broke his leg? Well we took him some logs around for his fire. We don’t want hi. Getting cold as well.

I decided on a massive clear out of toys and clothes again this week, so the charity shop will be very happy ☺

People think I am a bit loopy…but I like to have people round for dinner. I think its an act of kindness to return the kindness someone has shown to you, so dinner for dinner!

What about you? Notice any kind things this week?


2 thoughts on “Kindness counts vol.2

  1. Ooh Charlotte, glad you’re joining in…..I decided not to put the linky thingy up this week because it’s Thanksgiving and not so many people are checking blogs (according to my stats) but I will do next week….and I’ll add a link in to this post of yours in my KCF post……your daughter is *too cute* (I have one exactly the same – always caring for everyone!)…

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