Am I awesome?

Good day all!

I have been in two minds about today’s post.
To do it…or not…

My brain has been arguing with me.
“How are going to think 10 things that make you awesome?? You are not awesome”
“You may as well give up now”

Well Mr brain you lose this round.

Most of you may know that I generally take issue with myself.
I don’t toot my own horn or big myself up.
That’s just not how I roll.
I always find it tough to point out my good points.

So please bear with me while I go through 10…yes 10 things that make me awesome…yikes

1. My red hair.
Most redheads will know that growing up you will get the usual comments…’ginger…rusty’ etc. Many don’t ever embrace their hair colour. But I am not of this number. I have embraced my hair colour for high on 10 years now. Ginger and proud yes I am!


2. My freckles –
As a teenager I wished to be like everyone else who could go in the sun and come back golden. I dreaded the sun…loathed it. Red skin was my tan. Too painful even to look at. Sure today I would them all to join together and make a giant tan…but that’s not going to happen…yet..


3. Sarcasm –
I join the likes if Edmund Blackadder and House with this. I jusdt can’t help it sometimes ☺


4. My honesty.
During recent months I have opened up about my struggles through various issues. It is never something I ever thought I could do. Seeing as I don’t open up to people, doing so with the world is a major thing. I think taking that step is a big frigging deal.

5. I am loyal.
I may not be perfect but I am loyal. If I say I am going to do something then I do it. If a friend is feeling down I am there for them.

6. Being a Jehovah’s witness.
I think this makes me awesome. I am proud of my faith. I am proud of standing out from my family’s beliefs. I am proud to stand by Jehovah.

7. I am an introvert.
There are many different types of introverts. Quite a lot of them are bloggers ironically. But I think just because I am not incredibly out going I am still a good person to be around. I may not thrive in social situations, but I shine in other ways.

8. I am short.
Good things come in small packages ☺

9. I wear bright colours.
They cheer me up. Make me stand out without really doing anything. People will remember the girl in the red cords and rainbow stripe T-shirt :mrgreen:

10. My friends (bloggy or otherwise)
You all make me feel awesome. You are all kind, sweet and considerate. #fireworkpeople have welcomed me with open arms, and I feel honoured to know them. Bess Britney Helen Lizelle are wonderful people, I met them via blogtember and couldn’t imagine not knowing them. My best is Katie, love her. All of you make me feel amazing so thank you :mrgreen:

Tell me what makes you awesome?

Am I awesome…I might just be ☺



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