Blog love

Good day all!

You know I wrote most of this prompt last night then fell asleep oops!
So technically it was yesterdays….

Let’s get going with today’s prompt –

Top 5 blogs I read daily.

Chantelle – love this lady’s blog! She is the author of fat mum slim – love the blog name! She is also the creator of the photo a day challenge, which I happily take part in ☺ she has a vast amount of topics from letters to her children to blogging advice!

Britney – Author of All things britney lee. An awesome lady + wonderful writing skills = love her! She is my witty american sister :mrgreen:

Bess – Author of Bess’s bag. love this lady. I could read her creative posts in a constant loop. She also has an immense faith which I love.

Helen – Author of I will bloom. She is an incredible lady. Brave. Courageous and just all round awesome. I beg you to read her posts, she is a joy.

Lizelle – Author of sandals and sunnnies. I think she is beautiful inside and out. She is incredible and incitive. Incredibly courageous and just fab!

There you have my top 5 favourite blogs!
I could keep going but I had to skim to 5

But just for fun –
Jess – peonie and pine
Tabitha Blue – Fresh mommy blog
Madi – her wandering path
firework people

What are your top blogs to read?

Have a thigh slappingly good Thursday :mrgreen:



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