That poorly feeling

Good day all!

Do you know I always knew that Fridays had it in for me!
We had friends for dinner last night, and a few hours in my headache was getting really bad and I could feel my glands swelling up…fast forward a few hours later and I am shivering like nobodies business.
Now I pride myself on not getting ill, its hubby that catches everything!
But it would seem I am coming down with a nice bout of tonsillitis…. Yay!
So I felt kinda bad for not posting yesterday, but it was a busy day :mrgreen:
Rather than do one of the 31 day challenge today, I am going to post some pictures. Then carry on when my brain is no longer mush.

First off I came across #wallofsilence which is where you post a ssh selfie to help encourage women to speak out about domestic violence.


Second, we have had some beautiful autumn skies just lately, and seeing as my camera is normally surgically attached to my face I had to photograph it.





I happen to love pink skies, I mean how could you not?!

Have a great weekend folks,



2 thoughts on “That poorly feeling

  1. omg you eat your FRIENDS!? haha i couldn’t help it, silly language is funny XD
    I am sick too, getting well over it at last though thank God.
    Fell better Charlotte!
    Love the ssh selfie btw. and your photos are grand!

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