FMF – vol1 give

Good day all!
So I have decided to join in with the 5 minute Friday link, I realise it is sunday..but what the heck.

Give –
As a mum I spend most of my day giving…drinks, snacks etc
I give my family all of me, all of my love and time.
But for me giving is a great thing. It can create happiness for someone that has nothing.
The great thing about giving is that it makes your soul full and warm, it gives me joy to know that something so small can create a huge amount of joy.
Give of your time to someone that is feeling unhappy or lonely, you have no idea how much that will help them.
‘There is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving’
Giving doesn’t need to involve material things.
I give my love, faith and devotion to Jehovah
We can learn from so many example of giving from the bible.
We can learn mostly from the example of Jesus, he was a wonderful giving man.
He gave of his time. He gave people his teachings. He gave his kindness.
He is a great example of giving.
The more I read about him, the more I learn about his giving nature.
I hope to be a reflection of Jesus giving nature.
As a Jehovah’s witness we do our door to door ministry work. We give our time to do this. We also give the teachings of the bible to people. Giving them the hope for the future.
So, giving is a good thing – big or small
Be it giving someone flowers to brighten their day or giving them a listening ear when they need to vent
Giving makes me happy :mrgreen:




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