Mama musings vol5

Good day all.

So OK just recently something has started to really bug me.

Funny thing about it is its not a new occurrence… It is something that has been happening since I had Bella, but me being me I stewed on it for a while.

Question – why is it when you have children, do your friends leave you out of parties/girls nights?

Don’t get me wrong I know how childish this sounds.

However, having a child does not make me a pariah.
Its almost as if you get shut out as soon as you have a baby.
Funnily enough I am still a person who enjoys all the same things as before.
So how is it any different?

I feel as though I need to make a whole bunch of new friends that have children in order to fit in anymore.
As my ‘old’ childless friends don’t seem to think I am the same person anymore, just a mother who should stay at home with her kids.

I love being home with the kids, but I am still Charlotte.
I enjoy a glass of wine with friends
A fun Avon party
A shopping trip with the girls

But i can count the time I have spent with friends on 1 hand from the last 4 years.
It doesn’t just make me angry anymore it makes me sad –
Feeling left is something that has always hurt me deeply.
I am 28 and it still bothers me – but I am a sensitive soul

Have you ever felt left out by anyone?
Do you feel people see you different as a mum?

On a lighter note I am working on my goals for 2015 –
From the small to the big sort of personality changers so to speak.
Once I have my list I will share it with you ☺

Oh and one more thing –
Hands up who knows this is true


:mrgreen: have a great day



Cookies and crayons

Good day all!
I hope you are all enjoying your time off work.

I have had quite the productive week in the old housewife sense :mrgreen:
I made shortbread for the first time ever!


Thanks to pinterest I found a 3 ingredient recipe – just butter, flour and icing sugar! Boom!


And on a huge plus side, hubby the biscuit connoisseur actually loved them! Yay!!

Also this week I ticked something off my bucket list…I made my first ever crayon melt – came out pretty good.
Crayons + hairdryer = art


Bella saw and said mummy its a rainbow!
Yup a waxy rainbow :mrgreen:
Next time I will try something a bit more elaborate.

Have a great weekend guys ☺


2014 – another year gone


Another year has passed by in a flurry of bad weather and family visits. Trips to the zoo and conventions. Colds and tummy bugs. Movies and music.

But the funny thing is when I sit here trying to pick out points that played a major part in my year its quite tricky.
But I found some.

For the first half of the year I was pregnant with our first son.


So I must admit that played a large chunk in making my year pretty awesome ☺
We welcomed him to our family on 28/06 my little bundle of gorgeousness


It was a truly bizarre day, I was feeling a bit funny when I woke up. Had tiny contractions but nothing crazy! We popped out to see friends, and it started getting a bit more ouchy, so I called the ward and zipped in for a quick check over. Yea I was 4cm dilated!! I was like what?! That was 11.30am by 14.40pm he was here!

So going from 2 to 3 kids has put me a bit more on my toes! Anymore on my toes and I will need pointe shoes :mrgreen:

I have been struggling with depression, but in the last few months I have been sharing more about it and hoping to remove the stigma related to it. This year we lost one of the funniest men in Hollywood to this disease, and I firmly believe more should be done about it.
I think having struggled personally with this illness has helped me to view it from the other side so to speak. Giving me as perspective that I can share with others. In order for them to speak out or reach out to someone else.

More yearly highlights, our annual convention of Jehovah’s witnesses in Cardiff.
This years was albeit more stressful than normal, but was so amazing 💖


Fun times!

As September rolls around my oldest daughter started school 😮
As I am predominantly a stay at home mum it felt strange for me to lose a child to school so to speak.
She will always be my baby, and I am only just used to the fact that she is gone in the day.
But on top of that I came across the blogtember challenge, which I hoped would help me to refocus my blog brain, and go back to my love of writing.

Since that month I haven’t really looked back.
I have met wonderful people and blog writers, and I have discovered some awesome blogs that I now read daily.
Its given me more of a boost to do things that I enjoy.
I have also been spending my time on photography, which is something that makes happy. It gives me an incredible glowy feeling.

That was my year –
But what about movies…


So many incredible ones this year, with many more to come.
My favourite being Dawn of the planet of the apes. I literally waited all year for this to be released on DVD.
I am a pretty big movie fan and I am currently on tenter hooks awaiting the hobbit and the hunger games – mockingjay to be released.

Music –


Its been a huge year for Ed Sheeran. But there has also been a huge releases from George Ezra, Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor. Ariana Grande has been pretty huge in the UK this year. I must admit i haven’t brought an album in years but yay for spotify!

Last but not least I must share hair colour trends!


The purple is awesome, if you can pull it off then brava!
The colour for me is the bottom right! It is beautiful ☺

Now with 2014’s end creeping around the corner, I am not one for resolutions. However, my aim is to stick to a blogilates exercise regime and try to get healthy.
I also hope to move my blog forward ☺
Boost my ministry hours and again work slowly towards pioneering.

How was your 2014?
Do you have any aims for 2015?


Ooh pretty!


Good day all!

There is something about window shopping…or computer screen shopping ☺
Nothing beats looking at gorgeous products that you lust over and quickly add to your ‘someday-I-will-buy-you’ list :mrgreen:
All these things make me feel awesome just looking at them.

There appears to be a slight theme here – a bit of home decor and awesome eye candy!

I have been wanting a pair of chanel sunglasses for as long as I can remember… Never be able to afford them but hey-ho!
I am literally in love with the vintage door handle, if I could it would adorn each door in my house.
Ooh and the perfume bottle! I have always had a fascination with these, having seen them in the old movies I watched as I kid.

I think this is more of a luxury wish list.
Its my when I am rich list ☺

I have just started on a blogilates/health boost so my next one will probably focus around exercise and more home decor :mrgreen:

But tell me what’s on your wish list? Do you have a luxury list?


KCF vol4

Good day all!
Its Friday…again

Which means its time for kindness counts.
Joining in with what kim started and helen is continuing yay!


Kindness is so important, and greatly needed – even more so in today’s world.
I try to do my level best to be kind when I can, because nowadays people are so desperately afraid to show kindness to anyone.

So what acts of kindness have I spread around this week –

1) when we were at the kingdom hall last sunday, there was a young sister in the ladies toilets who was really upset. Another sister and I gave her a cuddle and some water, tried our best to cheer her up ☺ I don’t like seeing people cry.

2) I went to pick up Bella from school today, and I noticed one of the teachers tyres was flat. I made sure to let her know, nobody likes a nasty surprise like that.

3) an elder in our congregation had an operation and has ended up with an infection, so we decided to give them a call and offer to pick up some shopping.

4) I offered to help an elderly couple out by cleaning for them once a week.

What acts of kindness have I witnessed –

1) the wonderful teachers at Bella’s school knowing that we don’t celebrate Christmas, wrapped her a gift in pink paper and gave to her at the end of school today

2) Bella sometimes has trouble letting go of me in the morning, but everyday one of the older girls comes over and takes her to play

3) I am on a group on Facebook called #fireworkpeople and they are all so kind – one has messaged me on several occasions to cheer me up.

4) one of the ladies in Canada has offered to send me a care package yay!

5) someone allowing an elderly couple to park in a parent/child space at the supermarket because it was easier for them.


I also can across one story in the news that warmed my heart – a police officer in America caught a mother stealing a box of eggs from the supermarket. Instead of arresting her he brought her the eggs.
Like a week later, he surprised her at home with a whole load of food shopping! What a totally tip top awesome bloke!

This week has been filled with a truly heartbreaking amount of sadness and hurt.
A siege in Sydney, over 100 children and teachers killed in Pakistan and today 7 children found killed in their home in cairns.
My heart goes out to everyone involved in any of these tragedies.
My heart breaks when I hear of such things.

Where would we be if the world were full of kindness?
It would be such a better place to live in.
We wouldn’t need to be afraid to read the news each day

Here is where we start –
Small acts of kindness
Even acts of kindness that we do but we don’t let on it was us
Help a stranger out
Donate those clothes
Buy some food for the food bank
Buy some flowers for a friend

Kindness shouldn’t be measure in the size of the act, but the love from the heart.


Let them eat cake


Oh my word I am literally salivating looking at this picture!
I am having major cake cravings –
Which got me to thinking
A) man am I going to fill my trolley with cake tomorrow!
And B) I haven’t posted a recipe in forever!

So, not that long ago I trawled pinterest for something to make my pregnancy cravings happy ☺ seriously what did we do before pinterest!

Anyway, I made this


I know!! It was like a massive dream in a cake!
But if you need this in your life make it now :mrgreen:

Chocolate cake
Serves 8-10

2 cups light brown sugar
1¾ cups self raising flour (all purpose)
¾ cup of dark unsweetened cocoa powder
2tsp baking powder
1tsp baking soda
1tsp salt
2 eggs
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup strong black coffee
½ cup veg oil
1tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 180C. Butter 2 9inch circular baking tins + line with baking parchment.
In a large bowl combine the sugar, flour, cocoa, baking soda, powder and salt until combined.
Make a well in the centre of the mixture and add the eggs, buttermilk  and mix together until combined.
Add the coffee, oil and vanilla and combine.
Divide the batter between 2 tins and bake for 30 – 35 minutes.
Cool before frosting!

For the frosting I used Betty Crocker chocolate fudge frosting ( well gotta cheat somewhere right?!)
Then use your choice of chocolate fingers or KitKat to decorate the outside, then hold together with a ribbon.
For the topping pick a sweet/candy of your choosing – M+M’s, smarties, marshmallows anything!

Then sit down with a coffee and a plate full of cake!
Voilà ☺
Nothing better than cake on a weekend.

Enjoy :mrgreen:


ABC’s of motherhood

Good day all.

So I got to thinking today about things I do as I mum and stuff I stress over.
So I made myself an ABC list just for fun, because…why not right?!

Always have coffee in the morning
Be prepared for a messy house
Calm down and breathe deep
Discover the joy of a toddler who puts everything in their mouth
Enjoy the little moments, kids grow fast
Forgive yourself that crazy outburst!
Give yourself timeout before you snap!
Have an hour if mummy time – even just putting your feet up
Insist on a bedtime routine – trust me, life saver!
Joke around, life shouldn’t be too serious
Kick stressful mornings to the kerb with a smile
Listen to your children
Make up stories and songs for fun
Never try to parent how others tell you to
Oh yea, never underestimate the power of a biscuit bribe ☺
Prepare for having your cupboards emptied
Question what they do – kids give funny answers
Regular naps for them – means an hour to have some food
Stop – sit down – the dishes can be done later
Teach your kids kindness and patience
Understand sometimes they just need to throw a tantrum
Value the baby years
When you can – nap
eXude happiness – they look to you
Yell less, kind words more
Zero in on what makes you happy

And if all else fails…a glass of white wine is great when the kids are in bed at night :mrgreen:

Do you have an nuggets of info that you hold on to?