On pointe

Good day all!

I am back!! Yay!

Gosh its only been what?? 2 days and I feel slightly lost.
Each day I thought what can I write for today’s post…
But I give in…I crumbled like a rich tea biscuit dipped in hot tea :mrgreen:
Sorry had to laugh at that ☺
Anyway I am feeling a bit better I can actually eat food now without clutching my throat in pain..result! But no wine yet boo!

I am going skippyroo on ahead to ‘what do I do when I am home alone’
Well, kinda tricky seeing as I am never actually home alone…there is always I child or 2 or 3 here. However, I am going to count this as when hubby isn’t home ha!

Can anyone guess?!

Yup I dance like a loon.
When I am washing dishes, hoovering, sweeping the floor…even when I sit down I am unable to keep my legs still ☺


I thought this quote was funny…not that I go out dancing 😂
But I think Meredith and Christina have it right when they do this


If any of you know who I am on about then yay!!

But there’s more!
Not only do I dance…I sing too!
All the time.
Music on..volume up..and siiinngg!!

What about you what do you do when you are alone?

Have a great day.



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