Mama musings vol.3

Good day all!

Do you know what I have been thinking…uhoh! Possibly quite dangerous me thinks..

Why must kids grow so fast? I know I am nor the only person who thinks this.
I was at my mums house today browsing through old photos because I just can’t help myself. I can across I picture of me from 1992 –


I don’t really remember it. Which in my opinion means I have grown up too fast, I mean I am 28 for goodness sake…boo! 😵
But I worry that it will to my kids.
I think there is a huge pressure for kids to appear older.
I was in a shop the other day and came across bra’s for 9 year olds!! I nearly collapsed! I was like what?! 9 year olds!
I tell you now my girls will not be wearing one at 9.
Not only that there were teeny bikinis for 10 years. Don’t get me wrong I used to wear a 2 piece on holidays when I was small, but we are talking vest and bottoms not what I saw – here’s an example


I am not going criticise parents here.
Nope just the places that sell them.  Whatever happened to modesty? If we don’t teach our girls at a young age about modesty we may have more Miley Cyrus’s in the world eek!
Modesty is key fore sure but I also think we need to allow our kids to be kids. Not to push maturity on them if it isn’t necessary.
It’s so important to allow them to grow and to gather memories.

Its ok if they fall and scrape their knee.
Its ok if the want to wear a princess dress and fairy wings
Its ok if they pretend that a stick is pirate sword
Its ok if they can’t ride their bike yet like the other kids
Its ok if they don’t dress the same as the other kids.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this.
Mainly, because these things are not priority.
Let our kids be kids, because they won’t be for long!


Ooh guess what?! Winter is here! Look frost –



Which means more layers, flat boots, slippery paths and icy roads!
It also means a frozen windscreen in the morning, which kinda adds time to the school run.
Also, tomorrow I am going out with 1 child ( yup you read right! )
Hubby is watching the 2 that can walk and answer back ☺
Whilst I go to a clothes swap party. I must admit I am excited, I can’t afford new clothes so it will be fun…however I have my orders not to come back with more than I take. I am taking 2 bags full, which gives me quite a bit of space :mrgreen:

Have a great day ☺



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