Five minute Friday – Dear

Good day all!

Its Friday… Again!
Which means its time for another five minute Friday
Today’s word – Dear

Dear courage,

Where are you when I need you?
Where are you when I call.
My mind speaks unkindness and I let it due to a lack of courage.
I let my voice convince me not to eat due to a lack of courage.
I fear confrontation.
I lack the courage to speak my mind.
I am not courageous in my conviction
But what can I do?


Fear is just an obstacle.
I mere hurdler in which to leap over.
We must be brave and courageous
Breathe in courage
Roll around in courage
Step on fear
Crush doubt
Lock it away in a padlocked box forever
Break out that courageous lion inside
Be that brave person
Goodbye fear!
Don’t darken my door anymore.

Courage is now my blanket ☺
Courage will be my go to in times of fear
Courage is what we all need.



2 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – Dear

  1. Beautiful writing…..loved it……’courage’ was my word for 2014…I feel I definitely gained a lot more courage from having it so present in my mind but that I could definitely have been more courageous overall…..I think being more courageous is something we all work on constantly…

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