A little (more) about me

Good day all!

So I have been having a bit of a brain melt this week ich!
For this reason I have asked some good friends of mine, what questions they would like to ask me.
Which means today is Q+A day.
I must admit I look forward to thinking deeper into certain things ☺

Okay –

1. What colour is me?
I have spent all night looking up colours. I am predominantly a red wearer – my hair, my clothes.
But we aren’t talking about my favourite colour here.
When I read up on this particular colour, I thought of my personality.
Blossom pink.
It says I need to smile more often – true
I need to be more tolerant of failure – also true
Its interesting that such a cute, adorable colour can be so different from what you think it would be.

2. What are welsh men like?
Ok this is about as random a question as you can get.
But here goes. They are mainly farmers and rugby players (yup stereotype much) when it comes to rugby they are pretty nationalistic… As long as England lose they don’t care ☺ thats your lot boio!

3. Where did I meet hubby?
I met hubby in 2005, just after I began working for my local supermarket, so did he. He was the store security (love a man in uniform!) And I was a checkout girl…the fairytale writes itself ☺
We got engaged a year later and married in 2007. He made me work for my engagement ring…we climbed a place called constitution hill in Aberystwyth, before he popped the question! Totally worth it though :mrgreen:

4. Favourite place.
Hmm I have been told to think outside the box or house for this one.
So I haven’t visited here in 2 years since having Ariana ands James. But I feel at home in San Clemente, California. I love the beach there I could sit on it all da. Last time we went we headed to the pier for the sunset and in the distance spotted a dolphin jumping about. How can you not just adore somewhere like that! Live there if I could?! Yea!

5. Favourite book genre?
Hmm tricky! I generally love all books. But my go to is the classics, Jane Eyre, Moby Dick, Little Women, the secret garden. But I also enjoy biographies and learning more about people. Books are a lovely escape don’t you think?!

6. Favourite TV shows?
Again tricky! Who knew such a simple question could cause such trauma lol!
Ok, right now I am really into house. I also have a penchant for Blackadder (sarcasm + Rowan Atkinson sold) a bit of a guilty pleasure for America’s Next Top Model (sorry) and 24 hours in A+E (actually better than it sounds) ooh and One born every minute (yay babies!)

7. My word for 2015.
I need to build on this in order to move forward with loving myself. Finding courage to be good to me.

8. Funny stories from my kids
Ooh this could get embarrassing…
Ariana has just started talking, and the other morning saw daddy stretching…pointed to him and said boobies! Awesome!
Bella…ah bella. She has asked daddy why he wee-wees from his finger (haha) stuck a button up her nose, has started calling everyone babe (cute). Why can’t I think of anymore!! Oh yea when bella was younger I would get her ready for they bath and she would stand in the nuddy pants wiggling at Daddy!

9. Favourite sweets?
Hard to come by in the UK but peanut butter M+Ms I have my sources :mrgreen:

10. Favourite childhood memory.
Do you know what I had a memory come back to me whilst flicking through mums photo albums…tenerife 1992. When I thought back I remember a lot about it…visiting the octopus water park, walking mount teidi, going dolphin watching! Great holiday ☺

11. What I would do if money were no object.
First off, trip around the world. I mean who wouldn’t?!
I would buy a house by the beach


And a Bugatti its like my all time dream car!
Ooh and a walk in closet yay! I would also treat myself to 1 pair of Manolo blahnik shoes, let’s not go crazy now :mrgreen:

12. Favourite season?
I love spring, because its when all the leaves and flowers start coming back. Lambs are bouncing around the fields. Its generally just a wonderful time ☺

So tell me now,
Do you have anything you want yo ask me? Don’t be shy :mrgreen:

Have a good monday



7 thoughts on “A little (more) about me

  1. Charlotte, this was so much fun! I have a little bit of a guilty pleasure for Americas Next Top Model too. Actually I have a guilty pleasure for ALL reality shows. I am impressed you already have your #oneword365 for 2015 already!


  2. How fun! One of my favorite places ever is San Clemente, CA too! I love it there! It’s been years since we’ve been but to sit on the beach and walk out on that pier… aaahhh! Yes! Such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

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