A world of violence

This week hasn’t been a good one.
Not for me on a personal level.
But for the world.

The people of Australia are grieving.
After a 16 hour cafe siege in Sydney ended in the death of 2 innocent people.

The entire situation leaves me saddened.
What I don’t understand is how anyone can still think that violence gets you somewhere.
It doesn’t.
Hatred doesn’t get you anywhere.
This was a hate filled terrorist attack that has hurt so many people deeply, leaving many grieving for loved ones.
An entire country is hurting from one act of violence that has left a deep chasm in their hearts.

I also woke this morning to the news of over 100 children being killed in their school by the Taliban.
If there is anything worse than violence to adults, its the killing of children.
These acts of violence are so hurtful, moving, saddening and life altering.
So today I am sending prayers to the family’s.
Know that my heart and my love is with you all today.
Why can we not just spread love?

Love not hate


2 thoughts on “A world of violence

  1. Oh Charlotte, I don’t usually even look at the news but was alerted to the events in Sydney by a friend who’s brother is there at the moment…..shocking, so so so sad. It’s unbearable. I will be praying for the lost tonight. Sending hugs to you. Let’s try not to dwell too deeply on it (for that would be an undoing).

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