KCF vol4

Good day all!
Its Friday…again

Which means its time for kindness counts.
Joining in with what kim started and helen is continuing yay!


Kindness is so important, and greatly needed – even more so in today’s world.
I try to do my level best to be kind when I can, because nowadays people are so desperately afraid to show kindness to anyone.

So what acts of kindness have I spread around this week –

1) when we were at the kingdom hall last sunday, there was a young sister in the ladies toilets who was really upset. Another sister and I gave her a cuddle and some water, tried our best to cheer her up ☺ I don’t like seeing people cry.

2) I went to pick up Bella from school today, and I noticed one of the teachers tyres was flat. I made sure to let her know, nobody likes a nasty surprise like that.

3) an elder in our congregation had an operation and has ended up with an infection, so we decided to give them a call and offer to pick up some shopping.

4) I offered to help an elderly couple out by cleaning for them once a week.

What acts of kindness have I witnessed –

1) the wonderful teachers at Bella’s school knowing that we don’t celebrate Christmas, wrapped her a gift in pink paper and gave to her at the end of school today

2) Bella sometimes has trouble letting go of me in the morning, but everyday one of the older girls comes over and takes her to play

3) I am on a group on Facebook called #fireworkpeople and they are all so kind – one has messaged me on several occasions to cheer me up.

4) one of the ladies in Canada has offered to send me a care package yay!

5) someone allowing an elderly couple to park in a parent/child space at the supermarket because it was easier for them.


I also can across one story in the news that warmed my heart – a police officer in America caught a mother stealing a box of eggs from the supermarket. Instead of arresting her he brought her the eggs.
Like a week later, he surprised her at home with a whole load of food shopping! What a totally tip top awesome bloke!

This week has been filled with a truly heartbreaking amount of sadness and hurt.
A siege in Sydney, over 100 children and teachers killed in Pakistan and today 7 children found killed in their home in cairns.
My heart goes out to everyone involved in any of these tragedies.
My heart breaks when I hear of such things.

Where would we be if the world were full of kindness?
It would be such a better place to live in.
We wouldn’t need to be afraid to read the news each day

Here is where we start –
Small acts of kindness
Even acts of kindness that we do but we don’t let on it was us
Help a stranger out
Donate those clothes
Buy some food for the food bank
Buy some flowers for a friend

Kindness shouldn’t be measure in the size of the act, but the love from the heart.



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