Mama musings vol5

Good day all.

So OK just recently something has started to really bug me.

Funny thing about it is its not a new occurrence… It is something that has been happening since I had Bella, but me being me I stewed on it for a while.

Question – why is it when you have children, do your friends leave you out of parties/girls nights?

Don’t get me wrong I know how childish this sounds.

However, having a child does not make me a pariah.
Its almost as if you get shut out as soon as you have a baby.
Funnily enough I am still a person who enjoys all the same things as before.
So how is it any different?

I feel as though I need to make a whole bunch of new friends that have children in order to fit in anymore.
As my ‘old’ childless friends don’t seem to think I am the same person anymore, just a mother who should stay at home with her kids.

I love being home with the kids, but I am still Charlotte.
I enjoy a glass of wine with friends
A fun Avon party
A shopping trip with the girls

But i can count the time I have spent with friends on 1 hand from the last 4 years.
It doesn’t just make me angry anymore it makes me sad –
Feeling left is something that has always hurt me deeply.
I am 28 and it still bothers me – but I am a sensitive soul

Have you ever felt left out by anyone?
Do you feel people see you different as a mum?

On a lighter note I am working on my goals for 2015 –
From the small to the big sort of personality changers so to speak.
Once I have my list I will share it with you ☺

Oh and one more thing –
Hands up who knows this is true


:mrgreen: have a great day



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