PAD January 2015

I am well on my way to a full year of photo a day…OK so I have done 2 full months but I am getting there :mrgreen:

Here is the full month in calendar form –


I really enjoyed this months prompts – I use my camera a lot anyway it feels like an extension of my body now ☺

My favourite shots were day 9, day 25, and day 30.
I can’t wait for February to begin and then I can get my camera back out lol!
I don’t need an excuse :mrgreen:

Have a great day

FMF – wait

Another five minute Friday is upon us guys yahoo!

3, 2, 1…go

We spend our lives waiting for things,
We wait in line to buy food, to buy coffee
We wait to meet up with friends and family
We wait for fireworks and passion of meeting that special someone

When we suffer a loss we wait for the pain to pass
When we are expecting a baby we wait for their safe arrival
On the day we get married we wait for the music to play

Our lives are full of moments of waiting.

Just yesterday I spent several hours waiting in the emergency.

I spent a large amount of time waiting for my place in the world.
I am glad I waited because eventually I found Jehovah.
He saw in my heart that I wanted to know him, to love him, to be his friend.

Waiting around for the little things isn’t so bad. Sure it consumes our time, but eventually all the waiting leads to something so wonderful.

When you get to the wonderful part, you wonder why you complained about the waiting around.

We are all guilty of complaining about waiting…in traffic jams etc
But try to consider where the waiting may take you –

Trust me the waiting ain’t so bad.
I got my awesome by waiting :mrgreen:


KCF vol8

Good old kindness counts Friday, officially my favourite part of the week now!


Time to look back on the acts of kindness I have done and observed this week –

• I made some biscuits for an awesome family, as the mum has had to travel to California and take care of her parents for 2 weeks…and we wouldn’t want them living on takeaways :mrgreen:

• I reversed for about half a mile to allow a van to pass…yup around corners and everything ☺ boo yea!

• I did one of these –


And put it up in my local bus shelter…gotta love pinterest for its ideas.

• we went to McDonald’s yesterday as a family treat, I spilled my drink on the floor (butterfingers!!) So me being me decided to clean up after myself ☺

What acts of kindness have I witnessed –

• we ended up in A+E with the eldest yesterday… The nurse was awesome, gave her a free bear and sticker for being a brave girl.

• daddy brought Bella a toy for being a brave girl.

• I knocked over some rolls in the supermarket and a lady offered to pick them up for me because my arms were full of baby!

• the drink i spilled, I was offered another one!

• hubby brought me a picture frame I have been meaning to buy since June!

• Ariana tried to comfort her distraught sister with cuddles 💖

For those wondering what happened to Bella –


Apparently not listening to mummy is the in thing right now, so the girls were running and spinning…queue Bella falling and hitting her ear on the corner of the coffee table.
Man an ear can’t half bleed!
She nearly cut through daft girl!
Thank goodness it didn’t need stitches though…
Aren’t kids awesome lol!

Anyway what acts of kindness have you witnessed this week?


Mama musings vol8 – pregnancy and breastfeeding

Now before you jump to conclusions no I am not pregnant!
There all cleared up. Lol!

Moving on –
I loved being pregnant, yup crazy I know but true.
However this is the 5 things I hated – I really can’t stretch to 10 I loved it that much.

💟 heartburn – always at flipping night, when I have just settled into a comfy spot in bed! Which meant having to prop my self up with pillows and suck on polo’s. No matter what I ate it still appeared every night…just when I thought it wouldn’t! Everybody said, oh its a sign your baby will have hair…yea no all my babies were bald!


💟 lack of bladder room – this one killed me! Not only was bladder space lacking and peeing like an hourly ritual… But if you sneeze you are screwed sorry! The day I had my son I lived in the bathroom… He was literally treating it like a squeezy toy.


💟 people touching my bump – this made me mad! It was as if there was a sign above my had saying ‘yes I am pregnancy, please ignore normal social decency and touch my stomach’ ach!! Yes I said ach!
It just absolutely annoyed the heck out of me! I don’t mind if you ask first, but don’t just assume :mrgreen:

💟 yes I waddle – have you tried carrying a 6lb person in your uterus?!
Eek…I am a cross non pregnant lady lol!


💟 that last month – when everyday someone looks at you knowingly and says ‘had the baby yet?’ I was about to punch each person that said it… I mean I was heavily pregnant, had no baby in my arms and was crazy hormonal! Seriously, don’t anger the pregnant lady!


What about you? What did you hate about being pregnant?

As for breastfeeding –
Here goes, my name is Charlotte and I didn’t breastfeed my oldest daughter. I also gave up after 6 weeks with my other 2, and I will not apologise for it.
Breastfeeding is hard. All the pamphlets they give you make it appear so simple.
But, what they don’t show you is the problems that can occur.
Latch issues
Mastitis etc
I struggled with soreness to begin with, but I powered through crying at each feed.
Then I ended up with an open sore and infection (sorry tmi)

So I found for me that bottles and formula were best.
I may be judged by some mums who have no problems feeding and make you feel bad for formula feeding.
But do you know what, I would rather my child eat than not.
So the ‘breast is best’ army can say what they like.
No apology from me.
I have no problem with breastfeeding, if you can that’s awesome.
If you can’t don’t feel pressured.

Tell me what are your thoughts?


Monday reverie vol2

Bonjour my lovelies 💖

Its Monday..Monday!

As I sit here typing with 1 hand…yup mommy skills my brain is losing its sanity grip.
I have been working on the controlled sleeping with James – night time works a dream – day time is a bunch of ass!
He just loves his mama.
So mummy’s brain is like a scrambled mess right now!

On that note let’s take a little trip around the web ☺

This guys photography blog is awesome – check it out

Another photography blog – does exactly what it says on the tin – check it out

One of my favourite blogs right now is plaidfuzz – a post she wrote just recently struck so many chords with me – check it out

Just discovered this lady, Gracie

Hubby and I watched an incredible documentary this week on BBC 2 – Freddie knoller it is just..well I have no words.


Look at this picture…how are you not dreaming of these…make these

So lately I have been considering a hair colour change…what do you think –


What do you think –
Please send your answers on a postcard to… Yea just kidding!
Gosh I remember the days of sending postcards in for a competition – ah memories!

Anyway, while I have you I have a goal I am trying to slowly achieve – I plan to build a portfolio – I don’t like to big myself up but here is my first few –






I am trying to figure out where I fit in :mrgreen:
Enjoy this Eleanor Roosevelt quote and have an awesome Monday 🙂


She was a wonderful lady! I need to stick her quotes all around my house!


Chicken pie for the soul

OK, so this isn’t going to be any self help stuff…no I am not writing my own version of chicken soup for the soul!

However, it’s time for another recipe share! Yahoo!

In our house there is no such thing as a fruit pie – sorry but hubby is of the belief that a pie should have meat in it..ugh men eh!
So I have 2 staple pie recipes to keep him happy and winter warm…

Steak and ale and chicken and leek…


Today I will be sharing the chicken and leek…mainly because I ate it today :)…and it was delicious

So let’s go –

1 onion
2 leeks
4 skinless chicken breasts ( but I use thighs )
1 garlic clove
150 ml white wine
150 ml chicken stock
142 ml double cream
Fresh tarragon
Salt and pepper
375g ready rolled puff pastry

Heat oil in a large pan. Add the onion and leeks and cook for 4 – 5 minutes then add the chicken (diced) and cook for another 5 mins. Stir in the garlic and add the wine allowing to bubble until reduced by two thirds. Pour in the stock and simmer, until reduced by half.
Add cream and tarragon, bring to the boil then simmer for 6 minutes until thickened.
Spoon into a 2.5 litre pie dish, set aside to cool.
Brush a little water around the edge of the dish, unroll the pastry and cut a piece big enough to dit the dish.
Press the edges and snip a hole in the middle to allow steam out.
Bake for 40 mins on 200c

Then enjoy!!

I served mine with potatoes and garlic sautéed green beans.
But I promise if you are a pie person this is for you!

I am a pie person ☺

Eat this and so shall you be :mrgreen:

You are welcome 💖 lol!

KCF vol7

All I seem to do through my week now is look for random acts of kindness!

I must admit this week had been one of those weeks of not leaving my home other than the school run and food shopping…

But that being said –

💟 we gave our old bouncer chairs and play gyms to charity – for someone else to make memories

💟 my mum had to look after my nephew overnight (my sister was in hospital) she ran out of nappies – queue daughter number 1 rushing to the shops for her

💟 a lovely girl on #fireworkpeople was having a tough day with anxiety, having been in that position I felt I had to reach out and let her know I was there for her.


What acts have I witnessed –

💟 a friend of ours had us all (yup all 5 of us!) around her house for dinner…brave lady!

💟 a sweet, kind lady in Australia that takes part in PAD with me…is sending me some pineapple M+M’s yup you heard me…pineapple!

💟 James was crying really badly, Ariana came over stroked his head and said ‘ssh dames, ssh’ (yea she calls him dames!)

💟 hubby brought me some Bailey’s!! Haven’t had it in years!

💟 Bella made us a paper heart in school.


As for what I have found on my internet travels –
Check this out –

💟 This story has reaffirmed my faith in humanity – read it here

💟 Beautiful story about a little boy – read it here

💟 top 10 beautiful stories of kindness – read it here

What kindness has inspired you this week?