Random things bringing me joy


Good day all!
So if you read the title and were like ooh ‘er what is she on about – well don’t be alarmed I am not going to write things that would make me fall head over heels in love with whoever brings me things lol!

I think with all this positive energy I got going on, my mind got to thinking about things that make me smile.

So its more a collaboration of little things over the years that I have put into my ‘oh my word I 💜 this bank’ and not many people know about these!

1. Old, hard back books – I am talking the way books used to be bound – awesome classic editions – one way to my heart…get me one of these 😄 also if you have these in your home…I will probably never leave!


2. 1950’s clothes – this is no real secret. I have always thought how beautiful and put together women were back then!  The skirts and dresses are my favourites – its kind of a style I try to wear when I can – just need more money haha!

3. Flowers – but not in the generic bouquet sense either. More photographs or paintings. I think what gets me most is the beautiful array of colours and types. The endless ways in which they capture light and dew drops. If I could my house would be full of them!


4. Snail mail – oh my goodness! I used to have pen pals as kid/teenager and I loved it! Who remembers chain letters?? There is something about a hand written letter that is so heart warming and personal. Its almost a dying art but if I could I would start tomorrow.

5. Salt water Taffy – you can’t get it in wales! Enough said! πŸ™‚

6. Antique brooches and necklaces – I remember my nan having some and I used to think they were so beautiful and intricate – not like most jewellery nowadays – ok that made me sound about 70!
But I have always wanted a locket, don’t ask me why though!


7. Rainbows – ok so this one is easy peasy for me. I see a rainbow and I smile. Something about makes me instantly happy. My heart soars when I see them – yup even in pictures!

8. Notebooks – any kind really. I think I have always had one for as long as I can remember! In fact I have 2 on the go as we speak..drives hubby made! If I have thoughts they must be written on paper for future reference… I can’t be the only one…

9. Interesting bracelets – so ok we all know I am not the most girly of girls right! However over the years I tend to keep my eyes peeled for bracelets, I just can’t get enough of them. There is something about them that draws me in


10. Black and white movies – I am starting to feel slightly like I should go back in time right now… Put one on in my presence and I am sold lol!

And one more for fun…

11. Peanut butter and chocolate = joy forever :mrgreen:

What about you?
What things make you happy that people don’t really know?



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