KCF vol5

Oh my goodness its the the first kindness counts of 2015!!
For the first time in forever (ha! Frozen quote) I am glad to see Friday.


I have found myself looking around for kind deeds?
Have you?
Even reading the news I pray for some kindness in a world of suffering.
Let’s face it everybody needs that little pick me up – a metaphorical balloon that lifts them out of sorrow.
A tiny whisper of kindness in an otherwise darkened day.

But what have I encountered in the last few weeks?
Anything I have noticed or been a part of –

1. Well today I offered a lady with only one box of tea bags to go ahead of me in the supermarket queue – because we all know what its like to be standing there in a rush behind all the people with pikes of shopping right?!

2. I sent a friend of mine a message to see how she was. I hadn’t seen her in a while and I knew she was poorly. So just a few words ‘missed you today – hope you are feeling better’ it goes a surprisingly long way, especially when you feel poorly.

3. Hubby and I visited an elderly member of our congregation who lives alone and doesn’t get out much. Its nice to let someone know although they live alone, they are not alone.

4. I sent a dear friend of mine (bess) an email seeing how she is. It had been a while since we last communicated – and I wanted to reach out and let her know she was on my mind.


What acts of kindness have I witnessed –

1. Picking Bella up from school the other day, she comes running out brandishing a jumper ‘mummy, mummy eve forgot this’ so we ran after her and made sure she had it back 🙂

2. Bella again – helped her little sister get her coat and shoes off.

3. A young girl saw a bird fly into a window and took it inside her home to make sure it was ok!

4. Check out this website http://randomactsofkindness.org

5. Oh yea and Eve gave Bella a huge cuddle and a kiss for giving her jumper back

6. A little girl in our congregation brought all the young girls bracelets from her holiday ☺


I think kindness is so important. We mustn’t fear smiling at someone
Or even reaching out a hand of kindness.
How else will it spread without a simple deed?


What about you?
What kindness have you witnessed lately?



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