My friend

Dear Deb,


Sometimes there are words that we can’t say to describe what a person means to us.
So I thought I would write it.
I remember the day I met – a boiling hot day in the summer of 2008
I was wearing a massive hoodie – strange yes. But it was my of protecting my self harm from eyes.
From that moment you have been my friend – certainly in my eyes perhaps not yours to begin with eh?! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Boy was I ever a handful!
I believe Jehovah knew that you could study with me – either that or he knew that I would find your flip flops + rain disaster utterly hilarious!

What’s great about you is your ability to look past flaws and focus on the hood in people.
The way you spread your kindness around like handfuls of glitter.
The way that you will help and be there for anyone if they need a shoulder to cry on or just a laugh and some wine.


I will forever see you as the helpful friend who brought me out of the world where I was stuck and into Jehovah’s arms.
You are and always will be my spiritual big sister.
You help others in every way possible

I dread the day you ever move, because I already feel slightly lost without my friend sitting beside me.

But let me tell you something hun,
You are awesome
You are beautiful
You are kind with a heart of gold
You are enough and never forget it.

You are wonderful friend, who pulled me out of my stubbornness and helped me to see the truth. I am so thankful.
So thankful for you, for the faith you had in me.
If everyone had a friend like you, the world would be a happier place

I will always love you,



3 thoughts on “My friend

  1. I am in tears thank you so much you have rendered me speechless( I know it doesn’t happen very often the speechless that is!) It was a joy to see you embrace the truth and you helped me so much because it was the most difficult time in my private life and I view you as my gift from Jehovah that helped me so much and I love you dearly for that. Friends and sisters forever now thank you my lovely;)))


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