KCF vol6

Its Friday!
Time for kindness counts, my favourite part of the week.


Oh how important kindness is – it is the ultimate backbone of making someone’s day.
This has been quiet yet busy… Weird!

I haven’t been involved in a vast amount of kind acts this week due to being stuck indoors – but here we go.

• made my dad some shortbread! He had bugged me about it.
• brought Bella a torch to help her when she gets scared at night.
• gave some encouragement to a lady I have never met, but she has suffered in the same way I do and I wanted to make her feel good.

What acts of kindness have I witnessed?

• 3 men helped an old man get his car off the icy hill and onto the pavement
• hubby and his friend came to rescue me from my icy peril 🙂
• a member of staff helping an elderly customer do shopping.
• I got given a box of clothes for James today, wasn’t expecting it!
• I was sent a card by a lovely lady who lives in Canada.


Great thing is that its not just people that we know on a personal level that deserve a kind moment.
Everyone is suffering in some way and deserves an act of kindness –

I found some great acts of kindness whilst trawling the web this week…behold


This is adorable.


How awesome is he! I love what he does, totally inspiring. If everyone were like this man the world would be a wonderful place…pumped with caffeine though 🙂

I found some cute little random acts of kindness that I am really tempted to do because I think they are really sweet 🙂



I am quite tempted to look for a list I can take a few ideas from!!
Any thoughts?

Have a great ladies!
Remember to spread that kindness like glitter in the wind ie everywhere!!!



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