Living room full of dolls (and other things I have learned about having girls)

Its no secret. I have two girls right.
I was really happy when I discovered that I was expecting another girl, because I grew up surrounded by brothers (mostly) so I was not really used to sharing a whole lot of girly moments.
Also I had kept all of Bella’s clothes…I am all about being thrifty!
Although I had kept them for my 3rd…turned out he was a boy… Pretty sure he can’t wear all that pink 😉

So I fancy sharing some little nuggets I have learned since having my girls.

1. They need to sleep in the same bed as about 20 bears.
Don’t ask me where they manage to sleep…because I have no clue


Yup her pillow is under all of this! Who knew stuffed animals were the answer to all of life’s problems… Feeling sad? Here’s a bear. Feeling poorly? Here’s a bear 🙂

2. Girls are surprisingly gross.
OK we’ve heard the rhyme ‘sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of’ so not true!
Bella thinks its hilarious to fart on her dads feet…I mean seriously?!
If hear her do it, I will say ‘Bella was that you?’ Hoping she will say no…but she is actually proud of it!
Either that or I accidentally catch her picking her nose…or her ears.
She doesn’t think anything of jumping into a pile of mud or a gross muddy puddle….yea that’s my girl!

3. Pink is everywhere.
That’s just the shoe collection!


They have more shoes than I do! The drawers are full of different shades if pink…is there no other colour available for girls? If you enter the clothes section in a shop you see blue for boys and pink for girls.
Don’t get me wrong I like pink, but 4 solid years of pink kind of makes me feel like a live in a sea of pepto bismol.

4. Glitter is kind of evil.
My oldest got into my craft box once…it took me 6 weeks to properly get rid of it all from my living room floor. I realised that trying to shower it off her just made it spread around a bit – yup and on the bath towel…which I proceeded to use later on not realising it made my face resemble a disco ball!
It may be sparkly and pretty but I must never ever allow it into my house again!

5. If you get given a cup of fake tea…drink it! For goodness sake drink it! Girls are really into the whole pretend tea party thing, if you don’t join in and enjoy that tea…it will be remembered!


Just enjoy that delicious cup if air, these moments won’t be around forever…because kids turn into tweens then teens!

6. Hair is very important.
My daughter doesn’t have a vast amount of hair yet. But when I do it, she wants the Elsa look or a long ponytail like her friends. My hairstyling skills are limited to ponytail or plaits…so when it comes to the complex stuff like this


Bella will have to bear with me or at the least give me a year to practice it! Pinterest and YouTube will be my friend 🙂

7. If you don’t like Disney princesses.. You will.
When we returned from Disneyland in 2012 Bella had a new obsession with tangled…we watched 20 times a week! Don’t even get me started on how many times I have seen frozen.


But there is something utterly adorable about seeing them dress up in fancy dresses and dance around like a princess.

8. They are pretty fancy.
They love having their nails painted, and wearing some perfume.
Picking out their own pretty outfits with matching shoes.
My eldest likes nothing better than wearing nanny’s lipstick and being like mummy with mousse in her hair.
I can’t wait for the day we go shopping together. When we spend a day getting our nails done…just us girls! Moments I will cherish 🙂

9. There is no terrible twos… But terrifying threes and ferocious fours.
If they don’t get their own way boy do you know about it. I know all kinds hate the word no…but I swear down my girls will throw a hissy anytime they hear it. Even if I say just wait a moment…a hissy is thrown! Boy do I hope its just a faze…


10. Your living room will be overrun by dolls. Not the pretty dress wearing dolls…no no no ours are all naked! Poor dolls I say.
I found some nice things for them to wear once, nicely got them dressed up…turned my back for a second and they were again naked! I hope I am not going to have nudists as kids…scary thought!

Tell me do you have anything you have discovered while raising girls?



One thought on “Living room full of dolls (and other things I have learned about having girls)

  1. My discoveries are pretty much the same as yours: stuffed animals a dozen deep; naked dolls everywhere (what is it with the clothes?!); can never find one of my pillows or napkins because they’re usually on the floor somewhere, being used as a temporary bed for a doll or teddy that’s today’s favourite; rice/lentil/flour/water ‘cakes’ cooking in the freezer or on the bookshelves or under the table; paint everywhere (I actually don’t mind the glitter!); stickers everywhere; shoes – an abundance of shoes! – everywhere; can never find any leggings or jeans when we need them (because she only likes wearing dresses she ‘hides’ her jeans/leggings); tiny dolls baby bottles in the fridge with real milk in them; Frozen ‘stuff’ everywhere; fancy dress clothes everywhere; and many, many more things, all of which I *love* – as you say, it’ll all be over far too soon 😦 [Oh, and Barbie shoes everywhere (a recent addition to our house, Barbies): almost as painful as LEGO pieces when you unsuspectingly tread on one in the dark!)……and showering only to find that all of your shampoo has been used…………………………….!! LOL!!!!!

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